The Five Greatest Indy 500 Broadcasters Of All-Time

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The greatest spectacle in racing has a long and successful history of being broadcast nationally on ABC. Over the years, many great voices have guided the Indy 500 coverage. Here are just a few of them.

From the days of Jim McKay and the Wide World of Sports, to today with hours of live coverage blanketing the airwaves, the Indy 500 is one of the crowned jewels of motorsports on television. ABC has been covering the race in some capacity since 1961, with live flag-to-flag coverage ever since 1986. In 2016, they will cover the race once again, dedicating three consecutive weekends to events at IMS.

Throughout the decades of coverage from ABC Sports and now ESPN on ABC, many noteworthy voices have taken part in their race coverage. Many times the network would call on seasoned veterans from other sports to host the event, including familiar names like Keith Jackson, Al Michaels, and Brent Musburger. But more important than the hosts were the voices during the race that would guide fans through the event, covering every turn of the track, and all the drama that would unfold.

Here are the top five Indy 500 broadcasters of all time.

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