The Five Greatest Indy 500 Broadcasters Of All-Time

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  1. Sam Posey

In the world of motorsports reporting, no one has ever been able to rival the abilities of Sam Posey. A veteran of ABC and Speed TV, he Is well-known for his coverage of IndyCar and Formula One, where he has spoken and described the racing so eloquently and poetically.

Even at age 71 now, Posey remains an active part of the motorsports community. Following the departure of Formula One from Speed, he continued work on features for its new network at NBC Sports. But in his earlier days, he could be found working with a number of leading broadcasters, covering NASCAR, CART, and even the Tour de France.

Arguably the best quality that Sam Posey has brought to motorsports is his eloquence. Every word that he speaks feels as if it was hand picked just for that situation, threading together phrases and sentences that can take drama from the track and make you feel as if you are watching an artist hard at work, putting the finishing touches on their latest work of art. In the 1991 Indy 500, Posey did just that in describing the all-star front row for the race.

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