IndyCar: The Five Greatest Drivers Who Never Won At Indy

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This year the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing”, the Indianapolis 500, will be run for the 100th time. That’s a staggering number that signifies a long and varied history. The event is steeped in pageantry, tradition, triumph, and tragedy. Each of the 99 races that have come before this May’s classic has featured individual stories of glory and defeat all their own.

There are stories of dominance, redemption, and sadness. For one driver, the victor, the Indianapolis 500 is life-altering in a positive and glorified way. But for the driver who comes up short, there is a different story.

It’s a story of what could have been and what might have been. In the history of the Indy 500, there have been scores of terrific drivers who qualified well and led lap after lap only to come up short when the checkered flag flew each year. This list is focused on those great Indianapolis competitors who could have, should have, and would have won if the race turned out just a little bit differently.

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