NASCAR: Gordon vs. Keselowski – Which One Is Wrong?

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Brian Thornsburg – Gordon Is Wrong

Talking about a driver is one thing, especially when said driver is leading the race and having one of the most impressive rookie seasons in years, but continuing to talk about said rookie while another driver is leading and close to receiving his first win of the season is an entirely different thing. In fact, it only made the bias of Gordon that much more evident.

As for for NASCAR only talking about drivers when they wreck, that’s really not true at all. Sure, the drivers listed above are more known for their single car spins and being caught up in an unfortunate incident, but they would also have been mentioned if they did anything of note during the race. For example, qualifying strong, racing in the top-ten or leading laps.

While Elliott did lead a lot of laps in Monday’s race at Pocono, the most laps in fact, he still was out of the picture in the closing laps of the race, but Gordon and his booth mates still seemed focused on him. It was never about Busch, his struggles throughout the season, or the fact that he was without his crew chief, it was all about Chase Elliott and how he could come out the winner.

What Chris and lot of other fans don’t understand, probably due to their own bias towards Elliott and Gordon, is that focusing on specific drivers is only alienating NASCAR’s audience and making more and more fans turn away from the sport entirely. Honestly, its the same problem NASCAR had last year with the Kyle Busch injury story. It went on and on and it angered fans in the process.

With that being said, Gordon shouldn’t be removed from the booth, he has way to much wisdom and star power for that to happen, but he does need to be reigned in a little and told not to make his bias so obvious. Having a equity stake in Hendrick Motorsports isn’t a problem, sitting in the booth and turning the race into The Chase Elliott Show is.

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