Motorsports: One-On-One With The Racer Draft Reality Show Producers

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What would you do for a chance to win a one-year contract with a professional Motorsports team?

Racer Draft, the new web-based reality show that features 90 young drivers competing for the opportunity of a lifetime, is coming soon. Beyond The Flag sat down with producers, Thiago Bonfim and Harry Azevodo to discuss what viewers can expect from the first season of the groundbreaking show.

Brian Thornsburg: What gave you guys the idea for racer draft and what made you want to focus the show on developing the careers of such young drivers.

Thiago Bonfim: “The Draft process is really important for the most popular sport leagues in US, so why not provide a Draft for Motorsports, that’s where Racer Draft came from. We’ve decided to work with young drivers because in this age we can provide a significant change in them life”

Hary Azevedo: “Today, we see drafts in Football, Basketball, Baseball and Hockey. There is an obvious gap in motorsports drafting, which we intend to fulfill. It is a pleasure to put together the opportunity to make the dreams of young talent come true”

BT: What are some of the challenges young drivers will be facing during the competition?

TB: Our focus is identify a talent young driver, that have the right skills to become a professional racing driver. So during the show the young drivers will face some kart lessons, physical tests, reaction tests and of course qualifying rounds and kart racings.

BT: What are some of the key things you want to teach the young drivers competing on your show about the sport of auto racing?

TB: The show is an evaluation process, so there is no much time to teach, but during the show will try to provide some tips to how improve the young drivers skills on track and how they can prepare themselves for the motorsport world. We have a great mentor for it. Piquet Jr. is a top driver who drove for Formula-1, Nascar and is the actual Formula-E Champion.

BT: What made Nelson Piquet jr perfect for the role as host  of the web based reality show and how do you believe the young drivers will benefit from his presence on the show.

HA: Nelson Piquet Jr. made himself as a Champion starting from go karts. He can tell this story as only a few more could. Having him mentoring the kids is such a cool thing. They will have him so close and talking about his own experience in the same environment he succeed and they are trying to start their careers.

BT: How will the reality show format work and how will the eventual winner be determined for the first season of the show?

HA: We cannot reveal all those details now, as some secret is part of the show. So you need to wait to see!

BT: Your shooting the show at The Orlando Karting World in Florida. Why do you believe that was the best place to film the show and what are some of the biggest challenges drivers will be facing on the track.

HA: OKC is a great track that offers different kart track possibilities. Drivers will be challenged in straights and corners having to show a mix of speed and technique.

BT: What are some of the things that first time viewers can expect from a show like this and if it is successful, what will fans be able to see from the show in future seasons.

TH: They can expect passion, speed and adrenaline! Is always fascinate see the growing process of young talents. About future seasons we can’t talk much, but we are closing some deals that will make the next season even better.

BT: What are the advantages for young drivers that choose to compete on your show and  how do you think compares to trying to break into the world of auto racing by hoping you get noticed at your local track?

HA: It is widely known that competitive motorsports are expensive. From the first laps on a Go-Kart to reaching top categories like Indycar or Nascar, the paths are so tough that you need more than talent; you also need the right guidance, good visibility, and especially, financial support.

TH: Now, Racer Draft and Formula-E World Champion, Nelson Piquet Jr., are offering this great chance for young drivers to enter this racing world in an affordable and competitive way.

BT: What will be a bigger factor in determining the winner of the 15 finalists, their personality, talent or confidence? Or would it be a mixture of all three?

TB: Talk about this would reveal some show secrets. What we can say is that we are looking for something that young drivers already have, but this don’t mean that they don’t need to prove themselves on the kart track.

BT: Kind of a ridiculous question, but are there any rules in place that would disqualify a driver for certain actions on and off the track?

HA: We will have a tough team in place to make sure drivers will accomplish all official US karting regulations.

BT: What will be some of things you and the other producers on the show will be looking for during the six day shoot at the Orlando Karting Center and how do you plan to relate these young drivers stories to the viewing audience and capture their attention?

TH:  We want to show much more than kart races, we want to show the young drivers stories and every step in them growing process in Racer Draft. As it starts as web series, it will speak this energetic and quick language this audience demands. And we have more, but you need to wait the show to see.

BT: Can you tell us the varying degrees of skill and racing backgrounds viewers can’t expect from the drivers in the first season of Racer draft?

HA: It is important to make it clear: Racer Draft is open for everyone who dreams of becoming a racing driver. We stimulate even the drivers that seated few times in a go kart to come and join us. Surely many talents will show up with a variety of skills and backgrounds. Every driver is unique and we are open to everyone!