NASCAR: Five Lessons Learned From Michigan

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NASCAR tried a new rule package at Michigan that was supposed to make it easier for drivers to pass and to help keep the race interesting. It didn’t work. Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports /

5. NASCAR’s New Rule Package Didn’t Work

NASCAR tried a new rule package at Michigan, but it wasn’t enough to make it an interesting race. Not only was the race leader able to still gain and maintain the race lead, drivers being able to pass one another wasn’t a real factor as this only seemed to happen in the back of the field, not in the front.

Restarts were critical in this race and if drivers were able to pass one another, it was on the restarts.

NASCAR needs to realize that much more needs to be done than a downforce package to make these cookie cutter tracks interesting to watch.

The only real battles that are worth watching are for the lead, and regardless of what the commentary says, fans don’t care about position changes back in 17th place.

Either take more dramatic steps to fix racing at tracks like Michigan, or find new tracks to race on.

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