NASCAR: Updated Details On The Mike Wallace Assault

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NASCAR driver Mike Wallace (brother of Kenny Wallace) and his daughter were both injured at a Rascal Flatt’s concert Friday night after they were assaulted in the parking by three men.

Updated: June 20th, 2016 at 9:05 AM ET.

Information continues coming in about an assault that took place Friday night at a Rascal Flatt’s concert in Charlotte, North Carolina involving NASCAR drive Mike Wallace and his daughter. Wallace is the brother of popular NASCAR personality Kenny Wallace.

Mike Wallace and his daughter were apparently leaving the concert when Kenny Wallace claims that his brother struck up a conversation with a stranger who appeared to be intoxicated. Moments later Mike Wallace was attacked in the parking lot of the PNC Amphitheater in Charlotte. Kenny Wallace told USA Today that he didn’t know what started the confrontation.

"Mike was talking to one of the three men and then, out of nowhere, one came after Mike like a crazy man. Mike was knocked out completely cold. While he was on the ground they continued to beat on him, kicking him in the face. I talked to Mike a couple times this weekend and he’s just in shock. He can’t believe it happened."

During the attack Wallace’s daughter attempted to shield her father after he became unconsciousness, it was during this act that she suffered injuries to her ribs from the three men continuing their assault on the unconsciousness Wallace. Over the weekend both Wallace and his daughter were released from the hospital following the attack according to Fox Sports. Wallace suffered a dislodged tooth, concussion and required 12 stitches. Wallace’s daughter suffered minor injuries from the act of shielding her helpless father.

Since news broke of the attack, three men have been arrested in relation to the assault. According to Bob Pockrass of ESPN, all three men were charged and later released on bail.

"A CMPD spokesman confirmed that three men were arrested in the Wallace assault: Paul Lucas, 29 (no hometown listed); Nathan Lucas, 22, of Indian Trail, North Carolina; and Randolph Mangum, 24, of Monroe, North Carolina. According to their arrest records, Nathan Lucas and Mangum were charged with misdemeanor simple assault, while Paul Lucas was charged with misdemeanor assault on a female. All were released after posting bond ($1,500 for Paul Lucas, $1,000 apiece for Nathan Lucas and Mangum)."

According to the Facebook post by Wallace, the men who attacked him left the scene in a truck that boasted the name of a landscaping company, Lucas Landscaping – Indian Trail, NC. This claim seems to be supported by the last name of two of the men arrested.

Sunday morning the NASCAR universe banded together in support for Wallace and his family. Many fans have taken to Twitter to condemn the company that was on the truck that the men drove away in. BTF has reached out to Lucas Landscaping but our calls have not yet been returned. BTF has received emails claiming that Wallace started the fight and that there is another side to this story but those claims have not be verified and at this point don’t seem to be the true.

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This is a developing situation that we will continue to update as more information becomes available. In the meantime, do not hesitate to send your support to Wallace and his family via social media.