Carl Edwards: 10 Defining Moments In His NASCAR Career

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NASCAR: Joe Gibbs Racing Press Conference
NASCAR: Joe Gibbs Racing Press Conference /

No matter which way you want to spin things, Carl Edwards has had quite the career in NASCAR. From the day  he started racing MB Motorsports  in 2003 , to his championship ending run in with Logano at  in 2016, Edwards has done almost everything imaginable in his racing career and had fun doing it.

Of course it wasn’t all roses as Edwards was always and probably will always be known for coming up short when it mattered most, but the memories he gave his fans and the rest of the NASCAR viewing audience is something that will sit with sport for a long time. In fact, he might go down as one of the most marketable and charismatic NASCAR drivers in the history of the sport.

Now that’s great and all, but what were the moments that separate Carl Edwards’s career from the rest of the field? What were his biggest heartbreaks? His biggest triumphs? What makes Edwards worth of being included in the record books alongside names like Stewart, Gordon, Martin and Earnhardt? Finally, what was his lasting impact on the sport itself?

We hope to answer all those questions and more with our top-ten moments of Carl Edwards’s NASCAR career. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry and some will probably make you smile at just how dominant this young man was throughout the years. As always we invite you to leave your comments below and tell us what your favorite moments were of his career.