NASCAR: Five Things Fans Were 100 Percent Right About

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Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports
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NASCAR fans and sports fans alike always have something to complain about. Whether is has to do with their driver or team, or something else in the sport. While these complaints are always compassionate, they aren’t always on the mark, but sometimes they are.

Some of the things that NASCAR fans gripe about range from drivers, to teams, to rules, to tracks, to rain delays and the list goes on and on. Sometimes NASCAR arguments come from the wrong place which makes it hard to take some fans seriously. A NASCAR fan who hates Kyle Busch will say he “sucks” despite the fact that he has won more races (in all three series) than any other driver not named Richard Petty.

Other times NASCAR opinions come from a place of stubbornness. Some NASCAR fans do not like the Chase and regardless of what NASCAR does to it they will always hate the Chase. These kind of close-minded debates are often hard to win or find reason in.

That being said, NASCAR fans are not always wrong. In fact, many times more reasonable fans tend to be right more often than they are wrong. Here is a look at five consensus ideals that the majority of NASCAR fans believe in and are correct in believing in.

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