NASCAR: Busch Earns SHR First-Ever Daytona 500 Win

Credit: Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports
Credit: Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports /

When Kurt Busch took to the track this past NASCAR weekend in the Daytona 500, not many in the world of NASCAR had him as a favorite to win the Great American Race. Luckily for Busch and SHR, being a fan-favorite isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

Sunday night Kurt Busch was able to give Stewart-Haas racing it’s first Daytona 500 victory in NASCAR. Kurt Busch only lead one lap of the race and that was the most important one the final lap.

Tony Stewart who co-owns Stewart-Haas racing had this to say about his first 500 victory as an owner via an SHR press release.

"Couldn’t be more proud to be up here with these three guys.  To go back to when we joined with Gene and his group, made it Stewart-Haas Racing and bringing Tony Gibson and his crew and then hiring Kurt, it’s neat to say how this has all gelled, come about."

Stewart-Haas racing was probably the most talked about team over the offseason after switching to ford for 2017. Thus far Ford and Stewart-Haas racing seem to be a fitting combination.

Gene Haas, owner of Stewart-Haas racing is thankful he got to experience what few people have got to experience before with a Daytona 500 victory.

"It’s a real feeling of satisfaction I think for both of us to say we accomplished something that so few people can accomplish in the racing world."

Tony Gibson says his win with Stewart-Haas at the Daytona 500 is his most memorable one.

"It doesn’t get any better than this.  I’ve been fortunate enough to win it before.  To win it with this guy beside me right here, Gene and Tony Stewart, Smoke, those guys support us.  It’s just a different feel."

2004 Monster Energy Cup champion Kurt Busch after 17 years of trying finally won his first Harley J Earl trophy with the manufacture he started with back in 2000. Busch is thankful that he got to win his first 500 with the manufacture that he started with 17 years ago. 17 years of heartache can be erased.

"It’s erased tonight.  Having the chance to win as a team, with all of these sponsors, this new Ford partnership, it flashes through your mind of all the people that have helped you get to this point in life."

After 17 years of hard-work and heartbreak Kurt Busch is now able to call himself a Daytona 500 champion. Now Busch will set his sets on the rest of the 2017 season, looking to keep his winning ways going for himself and his team.

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Although the Daytona 500 win will most likely secure his spot in the playoffs, the new format will not make his life any easier over the next 25 races. Busch will need to continue to run up front and put himself in position to earn playoff points before the end of the regular season.