3 Formula 2 drivers who could be promoted to Formula 1

Formula 2, Formula 1 (Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images)
Formula 2, Formula 1 (Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images) /
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Roy Nissany, Williams, Formula 1
Roy Nissany, DAMS, Formula 2 (Photo by Rudy Carezzevoli/Getty Images) /

With fresh faces across the Formula 2 grid for the 2022 campaign, which hopeful junior drivers could be the future of Formula 1?

One of the most direct and effective talent pipelines in all of sports, Formula 2 is the breeding ground of future Formula 1 talent, whether that be for their skill behind the wheel or the funding they can bring to the factory. Having produced 11 of the 20 drivers currently inhabiting a seat on the Formula 1 grid, Formula 2 is the most direct gateway to the pinnacle of motorsport.

Although there is a continual backlog of youth talent coming through the sport, Formula 2 retains a reputation for being one of the most cutthroat racing series in the world as drivers make their best efforts to impress the Formula 1 decision makers who often watch the races during their off time on a race weekend.

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Producing consistent battling on track, the fight between drivers carries outside the track limits, as they also battle in the political arena of finding their next seat, whether that be extricating a current Formula 1 fixture or warding off potential newcomers from further down the ranks of junior racing. Which drivers are next in line to make the jump?

Formula 2 drivers to watch: No. 1 – Roy Nissany (DAMS)

Having competed in Formula 2 since 2018, Israeli driver Roy Nissany is hitting a point at which he must make the jump to another series, whether that be Formula 1 or sports cars. Progressively improving his final standing in each season, he still needs to achieve results that can grant him the super license he needs to compete in Formula 1.

Having spent time in Formula 1 machinery as a test driver for Williams, Nissany has been speculated as “the next Williams champion”.

His number one appeal though is the financial backing he could bring to his Formula 1 team. Supported by Canadian billionaire Sylvan Adams, he is seemingly the heir apparent to Nicholas Latifi if he can achieve the desired results in 2022, unless another Williams academy driver can become more desirable than the vast amounts of cash the team would have to concede in denying him a seat.

Potential team: Williams