NASCAR slammed for completely ignoring violent incident

Alvin Kamara, NASCAR (Photo by Donald Page/Getty Images)
Alvin Kamara, NASCAR (Photo by Donald Page/Getty Images) /

NASCAR was slammed for their decision to welcome back Alvin Kamara after completely ignoring the disturbing incident for which he was arrested.

New Orleans Saints running back and NASCAR advisor Alvin Kamara was arrested following the NFL Pro Bowl at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada back on Sunday, February 6 as a result of his involvement in a disturbing incident at a nightclub the day prior.

Kamara, who was brought on as NASCAR’s first ever Growth and Engagement Advisor last June just months after making the transition from fan to sponsor, was arrested for battery causing substantial bodily harm and conspiracy to commit battery.

The 26-year-old Atlanta, Georgia native was arrested along with three others, including Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Chris Lammons, Darrin Young, and Percy Harris.

The day after the arrest, Kamara was released on $5,000 bond. The case has not yet been adjudicated, as his court date has since been moved back by Justice of the Peace Harmony Letizia multiple times as a result of the fact that video evidence and witness statements are still being provided to the lawyers of these four individuals. It currently sits at Monday, August 1.

In the state of Nevada, battery resulting in substantial bodily harm is classified as a felony. So in the event that Kamara is convicted, that conviction would carry a mandatory fine of $10,000, as well as a potential prison sentence for between one and five years. The attorneys of all four men indicated that they all plan to plead not guilty.

Despite bringing him on as their Growth and Engagement Advisor, at no point did NASCAR issue any kind of statement about Kamara’s arrest. They never even acknowledged that the situation was being monitored, nor that they were aware it happened.

But last week, Kamara tweeted to NASCAR that it “feels good to be back”, and they replied that they are happy to have him.

As you’d expect, many fans, unlike NASCAR, did not forget.

They took notice and called NASCAR out on their willingness to totally ignore the violence, especially considering some of the other recent goings-on — both real and not real — which NASCAR has quickly condemned and/or addressed via issuing some sort of penalty.

In NASCAR’s defense, it’s hard to imagine that they didn’t do their due diligence during the four months or so between Kamara’s arrest and now. It would be straight-up unbelievable if they are actually in the dark about the situation.

The only possible explanation is that Kamara did say he is “back”, which may or may not imply that he was not officially associated with NASCAR when the incident occurred, and therefore they felt no need to address it.

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But even if that is the case, you can hardly blame those upset over the fact that they literally said not a single word about the situation, and for multiple reasons: its magnitude, the fact that Kamara is indeed back, and the fact that the court hearing still hasn’t happened. Perhaps more will be made clear about the situation in the near future, or at the very least, on or after August 1.