Former NASCAR race winner is completely ‘fed up’

Hermie Sadler, Premium Motorsports, NASCAR (Photo by Sarah Crabill/Getty Images)
Hermie Sadler, Premium Motorsports, NASCAR (Photo by Sarah Crabill/Getty Images) /

Former NASCAR driver Hermie Sadler is running in the Republican primary to represent the 17th Virginia State Senate District.

Hermie Sadler, who spent nearly three decades competing in NASCAR across all three national series, recently announced that he is running in the Republican primary to represent the newly redrawn 17th Virginia State Senate District.

The 53-year-old Emporia, Virginia native, who also spent over a decade and a half as a reporter for Fox Sports, discussed the decision in an interview with Fox News.

He noted that he was “fed up” with the way the government was being run and decided that getting involved by tossing his hat into the ring was a better strategy than simply being hopeful.

"“We keep hiring or electing these politicians to go to work for us, and they tell us all these things while they are running for office and asking for votes. They keep telling us all these things they’re going to do. And when I follow these people, when they get elected and get into office, I see a lot of them going to a lot of cocktail parties and taking a lot of selfies. But you know what? When I drive to work every day here in Emporia, not much is changing. And I think that’s the same across the entire district.”"

The full interview, in which he delves more into how he arrived at the decision to run, is available here.

Sadler competed in 347 races over the course of his 27-year NASCAR career.

He made his debut in the Xfinity Series (then the Busch Series) at Orange County Speedway in Rougemont, North Carolina during the 1992 season. He made his Truck Series debut at Richmond Raceway during the 1995 season and his Cup Series debut at Dover Motor Speedway during the 1996 season after not qualifying for the race at Charlotte Motor Speedway the week before.

Sadler earned two victories throughout his career, both in the Xfinity Series during his lone six-year stint as a full-time driver.

He earned both wins at Orange County Speedway competing for Beverly Racing behind the wheel of the No. 25 Oldsmobile, with one coming in 1993 and another coming in 1994. He competed full-time for four more years after that (1995 to 1998), but his four runner-up finishes were his top results over the course of that span.

Sadler made his final Truck Series start at Homestead-Miami Speedway during the 2010 season, and he made his final Cup Series start at Martinsville Speedway during the 2018 season. He made his final NASCAR start at Richmond Raceway during the 2019 Xfinity Series season.

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From 1992 to 2019, the only season during which he did not compete was 2013. The only season during which he competed in all three series was 2010. During six seasons, he spent time competing in two of the three series. He made his lone Daytona 500 appearance in 2006 after failing to qualify for the race in 2002, 2003, and 2005.