Formula 1 Drive to Survive: Complete list of all 50 episodes

Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Formula 1 (Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)
Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Formula 1 (Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images) /

The fifth season of Netflix’s Formula 1: Drive to Survive was released on Friday, February 24, and each of the first four seasons also remain on the streaming platform.

A driving factor, no pun intended, in the rapid growth experienced by Formula 1 over the last few years has undoubtedly been the introduction of the Netflix documentary series Formula 1: Drive to Survive, which debuted back in March 2019.

Skip ahead to the present, and the highly rated series is already in its fifth season. The latest batch of 10 episodes was released on Friday, February 24 as the sport’s 10 teams took part in preseason testing at Bahrain International Circuit ahead of next Sunday’s season opener at the same venue.

The fifth season’s 10 episodes all relate to certain focal points of the 2022 season, just as we’ve seen in years past. Of course, no two seasons — Formula 1 seasons or Drive to Survive seasons, for that matter — are alike, so there will surely be some surprises which await eager fans in terms of how this year’s content is presented.

The 10 Formula 1: Drive to Survive episode titles in this season are as follows.

  1. The New Dawn
  2. Bounce Back
  3. Matter of Principal
  4. Like Father, Like Son?
  5. Pardon My French
  6. Nice Guys Finish Last
  7. Hot Seat
  8. Alpha Male
  9. Over The Limit
  10. End of the Road

Each of the show’s four previous seasons remain on Netflix, so if you missed any of those 40 episodes, you can catch up at any time, preferably before you check season five out on-screen.

Here’s a quick episode list for each of those four seasons.

Season 1 (Released March 8, 2019)

  1. All to Play For
  2. The King of Spain
  3. Redemption
  4. The Art of War
  5. Trouble at the Top
  6. All of Nothing
  7. Keeping Your Head
  8. The Next Generation
  9. Stars and Stripes
  10. Crossing the Line

Season 2 (Released February 28, 2020)

  1. Lights Out
  2. Boiling Point
  3. Dogfight
  4. Dark Days
  5. Great Expectations
  6. Raging Bulls
  7. Seeing Red
  8. Musical Chairs
  9. Blood, Sweat & Tears
  10. Checkered Flag

Season 3 (Released March 19, 2021)

  1. Cash Is King
  2. Back On Track
  3. Nobody’s Fool
  4. We Need to Talk About Ferrari
  5. The End of the Affair
  6. The Comeback Kid
  7. Guenther’s Choice
  8. No Regrets
  9. Man On Fire
  10. Down to the Wire

Season 4 (Released March 11, 2022)

  1. Clash of the Titans
  2. Ace in the Hole
  3. Tipping Point
  4. A Mountain to Climb
  5. Staying Alive
  6. A Point to Prove
  7. Growing Pains
  8. Dances With Wolff
  9. Gloves are Off
  10. Hard Racing

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As far as on-track action is concerned, the 2023 Formula 1 season is officially scheduled to get underway on Sunday, March 5 with the Bahrain Grand Prix at Bahrain International Circuit.