Formula 1: Would Charles Leclerc fit in with Mercedes?

Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, Formula 1 (Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images)
Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, Formula 1 (Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images) /

Rumors regarding a potential switch for Charles Leclerc to Mercedes at the end of the Formula 1 season have heated up lately.

With Lewis Hamilton still yet to extend his current contract with Mercedes, rumors continuously circulate regarding his potential retirement from Formula 1 and who could replace him. There have been plenty of different names thrown around, and Charles Leclerc is one which has been mentioned recently.

Leclerc has been with Ferrari ever since he joined the Ferrari Driver Academy in 2016. While he has been successful with the team, his tenure with them could come to a close sooner rather than later.

Mercedes could definitely be a good alternative for the 25-year-old, and it may not be dependent on Hamilton’s decision.

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff took to the media to address the rumors regarding Leclerc. Wolff insists that the team are committed to Hamilton, be he has not ruled out a move on Leclerc, even if Hamilton stays with Mercedes.

"“The point is, we have been with Lewis for ten years and that won’t change. Sometime in a few years, we’ll see.”"

How well would Charles Leclerc fit in with the Mercedes Formula 1 team?

As things stand, Mercedes look set to stick with George Russell for the long term. A young duo of Leclerc and Russell would definitely be a force to be reckoned with. The Brit has been comfortable driving a Mercedes since his arrival. As for Leclerc, we have seen what he can do with a competitive car.

Additionally, Leclerc loves to get the best out of his car. We have seen him push the Ferrari to the limit, and it has produced both ends of the spectrum. He has won races here and there, but he has also endured a number of DNFs as a result of pushing too hard.

Without any doubt, Leclerc is a talented driver, but his tendencies definitely pose somewhat of a risk to the aspirations of Mercedes. However, a number of Leclerc’s DNFs have been due to mechanical failures. At Mercedes, that probably would not be an issue, given their history of high-level reliability.

On other occasions, poor strategies have held Leclerc back from succeeding. That also probably would not be much of an issue at Mercedes, given their history of executing race strategies to a fairly excellent standard.

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A move to Mercedes is definitely on the table for Leclerc, and it could turn out to be what he needs to achieve his goals of becoming a Formula 1 world champion. Whether it happens next season or sometime after that, it would be an interesting move which many fans would love to see.