Formula 1: The fierce battle that all eyes should be watching

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Fernando Alonso, Aston Martin, Formula 1 (Photo by Hasan Bratic/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)
Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Fernando Alonso, Aston Martin, Formula 1 (Photo by Hasan Bratic/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images) /

As the 2023 Formula 1 season moves along, the ongoing battles between Aston Martin and Mercedes will continue to turn heads.

Aston Martin going up against Mercedes this season is the battle to watch in Formula 1. Aston Martin’s unexpected improvements this season have made them one of the best teams in the sport, and as things stand, they are fairly equivalent to Mercedes.

For eight years, Mercedes were at the top of Formula 1. Despite not being the sport’s leading team anymore, they continue to have their share of the spotlight, given that seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton still drives for them.

As Red Bull seem to be running away with both championships again in 2023, the most interesting thing for fans to watch is Aston Martin and Mercedes going head-to-head.

The race between the two teams so far this season has been ever so close, with just 11 points separating them through four races. Just 12 points separate Fernando Alonso and Hamilton, and just one point separates Lance Stroll and George Russell.

In almost every practice session, qualifying session, and race this season, the two teams have finished just a few positions apart.

Even though the designs of their Formula 1 cars are different, the performance of Aston Martin and Mercedes on the race track has been jarringly close.

What has been separating Aston Martin and Mercedes during the races has been their in-race management.

Both team principals and the members in each team’s garage know that their battle is with each other. From Mercedes’ point of view, their goal in each race will always be to finish ahead of Aston Martin, and vice versa. Specifically, Hamilton is up against Alonso on most occasions, and Russell is up against Stroll.

The two teams have provided quite a lot of action through the first four races of the season. We saw Russell and Stroll battling in Bahrain, with the Canadian getting the better of the Brit.

In Jeddah, both Russell and Hamilton were chasing after Alonso, and the Spaniard got the glory with another podium finish. In Melbourne, Hamilton took second place over Alonso. Then in Baku, Alonso finished two spots ahead of Hamilton and Stroll finished one spot ahead of Russell.

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Aston Martin and Mercedes have given us so much action in just four races, and one can only imagine how much more the fans will get for the remainder of the season. The battle between the two teams could turn out to be one that is remembered.