Formula 1: New qualifying requirements not at all positive

Imola, Formula 1 (Photo by Arthur Thill ATPImages/Getty Images)
Imola, Formula 1 (Photo by Arthur Thill ATPImages/Getty Images) /

Formula 1 and Pirelli are working in conjunction to test out some new tire regulations throughout the weekend in Imola.

Formula 1 is set to trial new rules regarding the tires during the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix race weekend. From a new type of wet tire, to set tires for each round of qualifying, to the number of sets of tires allocated to each team, each new rule has a unique intention.

The rule that has generated the widest range of opinions is that there will now be set tire compounds for each round of qualifying. Every driver on the grid is required to use the hard compound tire in Q1, the medium compound tire in Q2, and the soft compound tire in Q3.

While this rule is being tested with the expectation to make qualifying more interesting, it may derail teams from using the strategies they would prefer to use. Teams go for pace in a qualifying session, and the hard tire is rarely used.

Despite promoting a more level ground between the teams in an attempt to achieve more interesting results, it is just a waste of a tire that teams would much rather preserve for the actual race, when it generally has far greater value.

Giving Formula 1 teams less freedom over their tire choice will make them reconsider the strategy they want to use over the course of the weekend.

In a sense, the FIA are looking to take more control over how the race weekend should go. That may not be the best idea, as having each team go about their strategy differently is part of what makes things exciting throughout the event.

To add to that, forcing teams to use a tire that may not fit the condition of the track may not be the best decision. These 10 teams are well aware of what tire they would like to use, based on their strategy.

As we have seen this season, the qualifying sessions have given the fans plenty of action and entertainment. Changing something that does not need to be changed is not the best course of action by the FIA.

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While this weekend in Imola only marks a trial of these rules, the general reactions that come from the drivers afterward will give the FIA a better sense of what to permanently implement. This tire regulation in qualifying does not provide much benefit and should not be implemented full-time.