Formula 1: Monaco cranes helped all but one team

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Sergio Perez, Red Bull, Monaco, Formula 1 (Photo by GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP via Getty Images)
Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Sergio Perez, Red Bull, Monaco, Formula 1 (Photo by GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP via Getty Images) /

After a couple crashes took place during the Formula 1 race weekend in Monaco, the cranes lifting the cars revealed a lot for the world to see.

Photographers were very eager to get certain pictures after a couple of crashes on Saturday in Monaco led to cranes lifting cars off the track. What everyone paid attention to were the floors of the cars, which is something that Formula 1 teams simply do not like.

The two drivers who had their cars’ undersides exposed were Lewis Hamilton during free practice three and Sergio Perez during qualifying. What the world really focused on was the floor of Red Bull’s RB19, due to how much Red Bull have benefitted from it this season.

Obviously, Red Bull and Mercedes will not be overjoyed by the exposure of their floor designs. However, Mercedes will not have as much to worry about, given the fact that the design of Red Bull’s floor is much more of a spectacle.

All Formula 1 teams on the grid aside from Red Bull will see the benefit from Monaco’s cranes exposing the floors of two of the most competitive cars on the grid.

Red Bull have the belief that pictures of the RB19’s floor will not help much for other teams. Helmut Marko addressed this after Perez’s crash.

"“It’s not only the floor. It has to work together with the front wing and the rear end. So it’s about all those things combined, and that is much more complex than just the floor.”"

Despite Red Bull’s defense regarding how it is more than just the floor contributing to their aerodynamic success, teams lower on the grid will still try to take anything they can from it.

The design might not necessarily be copied, but an inspiration of the design and an understanding of the concept is enough to help all nine of the other teams.

Mercedes, for one, are taking full advantage of the RB19 floor pictures, according to technical director James Allison.

"“But yes, we got a nice clutch of Red Bull imagery and that’s always a good thing for our aerodynamicists to pore over and see if we can pick out details that will be of interest to us in our ongoing test programme.”"

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Surely teams such as Aston Martin, Mercedes, and Ferrari will be looking to understand the design to help them close the massive gap between themselves and Red Bull. Teams on the lower end will be looking to use it to improve their cars in any way possible so that they can come out on top as the “best of the rest”.