Formula 1: When does the new video game launch?

Max Verstappen, EA Sports, Red Bull, F1 2023, Formula 1 (Photo by Eric Alonso/Getty Images)
Max Verstappen, EA Sports, Red Bull, F1 2023, Formula 1 (Photo by Eric Alonso/Getty Images) /

For those who did not pre-order the Champions Edition of new Formula 1 video game F1 23, the game is officially set to become available this Friday, June 16.

Early last month, the release date for the new Formula 1 Electronic Arts (EA Sports) video game, F1 23, was finally revealed.

In somewhat of a surprising move, the announcement confirmed that its release date would be the earliest in series history, just seven races into the 22-race 2023 season.

The game is officially set to hit the market this Friday, June 16. The three drivers on the cover are seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, and McLaren’s Lando Norris.

Two-time reigning world champion Max Verstappen, who recently partnered with EA Sports and carries the brand on the front of his racing helmet, is on the cover of the Champions Edition, which became available on Tuesday, June 13 for those who pre-ordered it.

There are many ways to play the newest Formula 1 game in one of the most popular sports video game franchises on the planet.

When the game is released, it will become available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC via the EA App, the Epic Games Store, and Steam.

So pick your poison and get behind the wheel for just $69.99. And for the second year in a row, you can do literally that with a VR headset and a steering wheel.

You can feel like you’re actually behind the wheel of any of the 10 cars on the grid, challenging the other 19 drivers as the field barrels into turn one at any of the circuits on the calendar. A few additional tracks are also included in the game!

While many annual sports video game releases have a reputation — and rightfully so — for simply being the same regurgitated content over and over again, F1 23 is far from that. There are quite a few notable changes this year, including the return of Braking Point.

And the graphics and gameplay themselves continue to impress, year after year. Somehow, the developers manage to make an already great product smoother and better-looking year in and year out.

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Speaking as a race fan who is not all that into video games as a whole, this particular game continues to be a must-have for casual fans and hard-core race fans, with so many customizable settings and ways to play.