Formula 1: 3 driver changes we can't see happening after 2024

The 2025 Formula 1 driver lineup is slated to see some changes following a 2024 lineup that saw precisely none. But just how many possibilities are realistic?
Daniel Ricciardo, RB, Formula 1
Daniel Ricciardo, RB, Formula 1 / Peter Fox/GettyImages
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2. Carlos Sainz Jr. to Aston Martin

We're going to cheat a bit here, but only slightly. Barretto picked Fernando Alonso to replace Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes, and that obviously isn't going to happen now that the two-time world champion has re-signed with Aston Martin through the 2026 season.

This inherently makes a Carlos Sainz Jr. move to Aston Martin next to impossible, unless the team opt to move on from Lance Stroll. Seeing as how his father, Lawrence Stroll, is the team owner, it's hard to see that happening unless Lance himself has a change of heart and opts to step aside.

And that's even harder to see happening, even amid rumors about Lance's supposed lack of passion for the sport.

In other words, one possible landing spot for Sainz in 2025 is now off the table. However, he should not have a problem finding a new home next year. He is still in the running to replace Hamilton himself, and he is known to be on Red Bull's radar to potentially replace Sergio Perez. Williams has even reportedly emerged as a possibility.

He has also long been linked to Audi for 2026, and for Audi to get the driver or drivers they want, they will probably have to make a move for 2025 while the team are still known as Sauber, given how many drivers are set to be out of a contract after 2024.