Formula 1: 3 possible landing spots for Yuki Tsunoda in 2025

Yuki Tsunoda is just one of a large group of drivers yet to determine where they will compete during the 2025 Formula 1 season.
Yuki Tsunoda, Formula 1
Yuki Tsunoda, Formula 1 / Peter Fox/GettyImages
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2. RB

If Yuki Tsunoda does not get poached by another team, RB would likely welcome a contract renewal for the 23-year-old. Considering he is still on the younger side, a few more years to develop could not hurt before a potential move to a bigger team.

To add, Red Bull have aspirations for their sister team to be more competitive this season. Helmut Marko has also expressed his concern over the performance of Tsunoda and Ricciardo after the first few races this season. Considering the high standard already set, the focus is likely just to meet those expectations for the time being.

Based on what the driver market looks like at the moment, Tsunoda could look to embrace the position he is in at RB and look to build on it going forward. Despite RB being Red Bull’s sister team and a stepping stone toward the top for many drivers, the increased attention toward the development of the car may give him a reason to stay.

It has become well-known that the RB car has some good pace in it, and Tsunoda found his footing again with a strong seventh place finish in Australia. He will be looking to carry that momentum to Japan for his home Grand Prix this coming weekend.