Formula 1: 3 possible landing spots for Yuki Tsunoda in 2025

Yuki Tsunoda is just one of a large group of drivers yet to determine where they will compete during the 2025 Formula 1 season.
Yuki Tsunoda, Formula 1
Yuki Tsunoda, Formula 1 / Peter Fox/GettyImages
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3. Aston Martin

Yuki Tsunoda to Aston Martin may seem like a potentially surprising move, but it makes sense. However, it is reliant on Fernando Alonso departing from the team.

Nevertheless, it could be a good move for both parties going forward. As Lawrence Stroll looks to build an even stronger team for the future, an investment in Tsunoda for next year could prove well worth it in the long run, especially with big regulation changes coming in 2026.

Considering Tsunoda’s age, skill, and the current status of the driver market, Aston Martin could be a great place for him to continue improving, thus positioning himself to potentially earn a move to one of the top teams in the future.

Additionally, Aston Martin have proven to have a good environment when looking at the team as a whole. They have produced a good car two years in a row and have also poached some personnel from the top teams.

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The team’s general stability makes it a good destination for Tsunoda if Alonso leaves. A duo of Lance Stroll and Tsunoda can achieve the typical goals of the team, which seem to be consistent points finishes and finishing at least P5 in the constructor standings, pushing for P4 if possible.