Formula 1: 4 underrated drivers in the F1 24 video game

F1 24 was recently released worldwide across all platforms, and a few drivers received ratings that were lower than they deserved.
Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Formula 1
Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Formula 1 / Robert Cianflone/GettyImages
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2. Charles Leclerc: 89

F1 23 rating: 89

While Charles Leclerc has kept the same rating from last season, the Monegasque driver has been quite superb for a while now. The 26-year-old has been producing consistent top five finishes ever since the middle of the 2022 season.

Those involved in determining the ratings were seemingly quite harsh on Leclerc, given the fact that his rating was also stagnant throughout last year’s edition of the game. With him having finally notched his first win in almost two years, he could potentially get the rating he deserves in future game updates.

Ferrari seem to be turning things around, especially following the arrival of Fres Vasseur in December 2022, and the team could finally be returning to their former glory. With Leclerc’s level of consistency and performance, there is no reason why he should not be rated at least a 90.

With Aston Martin's Fernando Alonso being rated at a 92, Leclerc should arguably be 93 at worst. While both drivers bring close to the best out of their respective cars, Leclerc’s raw pace and consistency have recently blown Alonso's out of the water.

Ferrari have seemingly narrowed the game Red Bull this year, and after Leclerc’s recent victory in Monaco, chances are he will see his rating increase in the coming months.