Formula 1: 5 current drivers who could compete in the Indy 500

In the past, we have seen several successful Formula 1 drivers compete in IndyCar and run the Indy 500, with Marcus Ericsson being the most recent to win.
Fernando Alonso, IndyCar
Fernando Alonso, IndyCar / Michael Hickey/GettyImages
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4. Mick Schumacher

Given the fact that he is the son of seven-time Formula 1 world champion Michael Schumacher, big things were expected from Mick Schumacher. However, the German driver was not able to find much success during his two-year stint with Haas.

Since then, the 25-year-old has been a reserve driver for Mercedes behind Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. While there is a possibility of Schumacher replacing Hamilton for next season, the odds are slim.

Given the competitiveness of Formula 1 and the number of talented drivers both on the grid and searching for rides, there is a good chance that the German driver will be without a seat for the third straight year in 2025. His future in Formula 1 is in doubt, and it may be time for him to consider a more permanent switch.

It would most likely be easier for Schumacher to be signed in IndyCar, and he could use it as a bridge back to Formula 1 if he desires. Proving himself and finding success in another high-speed open-wheel series among several other talented drivers could once again grab the attention of Formula 1 teams.

Schumacher has already been linked to a move to IndyCar for next season with Prema Racing. He won his Formula 2 championship with the team in 2020, and Prema Racing recently announced their plans to enter IndyCar full-time with two cars in 2025. A reunion could be on the cards, given their prior success together.