Formula 1: 5 possible landing spots for Adrian Newey in 2025

As Adrian Newey’s nearly two-decade-long stint at Red Bull comes to a close, several other Formula 1 teams will be fighting for his signature.
Adrian Newey, Red Bull, Formula 1
Adrian Newey, Red Bull, Formula 1 / Kym Illman/GettyImages
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Adrian Newey has been deemed a “technical genius”, given his impressive accomplishments achieved over the course of his 36 years in Formula 1.

Upon his departure from Red Bull next year, the British engineer will have a number of options to choose from for what may come next.

Here are five possibilities.

1. Ferrari

The links between Ferrari and Adrian Newey have been strong and are only getting stronger. They have been looking to sway the 65-year-old to Maranello for a long time, and they might finally get their wish.

Both of Ferrari’s drivers for 2025, Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton, have publicly discussed the value that Newey would bring to the team. Additionally, team principal Fred Vasseur reportedly had a meeting with the current Red Bull Chief Technical Officer leading up to the Miami Grand Prix. It is clear that Ferrari are looking to go all in and persuade Newey to be on board next season.

Leclerc discussed the current state of Ferrari’s developments, noting that Newey would add value to the team. Here is what he had to say, according to The Athletic,

"But we are a really, really good team already. And in the last seven to eight months, we’ve done incredible progress. But whatever, and whoever can come to make it even stronger is super important, and Adrian is one of those guys that can make a difference."

Charles Leclerc

In addition to these links, the camera crew at the Miami Grand Prix repeatedly showed side-by-side views of Newey and members of the Ferrari team throughout the weekend. As things stand, Ferrari are believed to have the best chance of signing him.