Formula 1: 5 possible landing spots for Adrian Newey in 2025

As Adrian Newey’s nearly two-decade-long stint at Red Bull comes to a close, several other Formula 1 teams will be fighting for his signature.
Adrian Newey, Red Bull, Formula 1
Adrian Newey, Red Bull, Formula 1 / Kym Illman/GettyImages
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3. Williams

It has been nearly three decades since Adrian Newey departed from Williams, and the team now find themselves on the opposite end of where they were at the time. After several years of struggling over the past decade, the Grove-based team appear to be on the right track again with James Vowles at the helm.

Vowles confirmed to The Athletic that he did have a conversation with Newey surrounding the idea of a potential homecoming for the successful designer.

"We’re a team without politics. It’s a small team that’s trying to make our way back to the front, and I think it could fit very perfectly for someone who wants to potentially dig into a challenge like that."

James Vowles

There is a chance that the idea of rejoining Williams could appeal to Newey, as it would be another challenge for him to take on. The end of his Formula 1 career is certainly approaching, and bringing Williams back to glory after winning four driver championships and five constructor championships in the 1990s would be quite a way to bow out.

With talks still in the preliminary stages, Williams should definitely be a team to keep an eye on. Newey’s experience and design concepts over the last few seasons could potentially push Williams towards the fight for P6 in the constructor championship in the near future.

Proof of that was visible during the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix, when the floors of the Red Bull, Mercedes, and Williams were all visible as the crane lifted them off the track. The FW45 definitely had the least intricate floor design in comparison to last season’s top two teams.