Formula 1: 5 possible landing spots for Esteban Ocon in 2025

Esteban Ocon’s partnership with Alpine is sent to end after the 2024 Formula 1 season, and all eyes are on the Frenchman's next potential team.
Esteban Ocon, Formula 1
Esteban Ocon, Formula 1 / Clive Rose/GettyImages
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5. Out of Formula 1

Given Esteban Ocon's history when it comes to various teammate run-ins, most recently with Pierre Gasly on the opening lap in Monaco, it is entirely possible that he gets left off of the Formula 1 grid completely in 2025.

This history also includes various run-ins with Fernando Alonso during Alonso's time at Alpine, and it even goes back to his days at Force India, when he competed alongside Sergio Perez.

While there are a number of teams said to be interested in his services next year, he is by no means the only candidate any one of those teams are considering, and with how deep this year's driver market is, he may simply end up being the odd man out.

Even the teams that rate him quite favorably may be forced to take into account some of his antics from past years when it comes to offering or not offering him a contract, meaning that a stay in Formula 1 is by no means a sure thing after 2024.

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Where will Esteban Ocon end up in 2025 after he leaves Alpine? Will he remain in Formula 1 with one of these other four teams, or will he, for the second time in his career, find himself outside of the sport altogether?