Formula 1: 5 possible replacements for Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes

In a shocking move, Lewis Hamilton is set to move from Mercedes to Ferrari for the 2025 Formula 1 season. Who are the favorites to replace him?
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Potential Lewis Hamilton replacements: No. 2 - Fernando Alonso

Soon after the Lewis Hamilton rumors really started to blow up, another rumor began to swirl that Fernando Alonso could jump ship from Aston Martin to fill the now vacant seat at Mercedes for 2025.

While there may be no truth to the rumor at the moment, that doesn't mean Alonso joining Mercedes can't happen, nor that it doesn't make sense. After all, the best way to replace a driver of Hamilton's caliber would be to bring in another driver of Hamilton's caliber, and one who holds even more experience under his belt.

There are two questions that need to be answered from Alonso's side, though. For one, will he be willing to race in Formula 1 after the 2024 season, since he will be 43 years old when the 2025 season starts? Secondly, will the move to Mercedes even be worth it for Alonso, assuming that Aston Martin could challenge -- or even beat -- Mercedes like they did at the start of 2023, while also approaching their works engine deal with Honda for 2026?

Even with these questions largely unanswered, Alonso's overall fit at Mercedes is a solid one for both parties. He has proven that, despite his older age and two years off in 2019 and 2020, he is still a top-tier driver capable of beating anybody if given the proper machinery.

Given the fact that he has driven for so many different teams and has competed in more races than any other driver in the history of Formula 1, this is a no-brainer for Mercedes. From their side, he can even be the perfect mentor for the young and talented George Russell, one of Alonso's best friends in the paddock.