Formula 1: 5 possible replacements for Logan Sargeant in 2025

Logan Sargeant will likely not be returning to Williams for the 2025 Formula 1 season. Who will take over as Alex Albon's teammate?
Logan Sargeant, Williams, Formula 1
Logan Sargeant, Williams, Formula 1 / Clive Rose/GettyImages
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5. Kimi Antonelli

Rumors of Kimi Antonelli entering Formula 1 next season have really picked up over the past few weeks. There has been a lot of debate over whether the Italian driver should drive for Mercedes or Williams or perhaps even remain in Formula 2 next season.

It is clear that Antonelli is arguably the most exciting prospect at the moment, especially with Lewis Hamilton recently stating that he would choose the 17-year-old to replace him at Mercedes next season.

Recent developments have suggested that Antonelli could end up replacing Logan Sargeant at some point as early as this season. These rumblings come after Williams supposedly requested a Super License for him in advance of his 18th birthday at the end of August.

With that in mind, Antonelli receiving his Super License early could translate into him and Albon becoming teammates in the coming weeks.

There is some risk involved with promoting any 17-year-old into Formula 1. Some even believe that Sargeant was rushed into a full-time seat in Formula 1 after a fourth place finish in his lone season in Formula 2, and he was 22 years old at the time.

Antonelli currently sits in sixth place in the Formula 2 standings and has not produced spectacular results. However, he was rather impressive while performing a test in the Mercedes W13 at Imola not too long ago. The situation must be assessed very carefully for the sake of Antonelli’s career.