Formula 1: 5 possible teammates for Max Verstappen in 2025

With over half of the Formula 1 grid driving on expiring contracts, several names will be in the running to join Red Bull in 2025.
Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Formula 1
Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Formula 1 / Mark Thompson/GettyImages
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2. Daniel Ricciardo

Ever since Daniel Ricciardo joined Red Bull as their third driver at the start of the 2023 season, there has been heavy speculation that he could replace Sergio Perez. The Australian driver has definitely had a change in perspective since he departed Red Bull after the 2018 season, and he understands where he stands.

After several years of struggle, Ricciardo found his way back to an AlphaTauri (now RB) seat in the middle of 2023. He showed he has much left in the tank after a string of good performances. However, things have been difficult for the 34-year-old to open the 2024 season. 

Granted, there are five teams that have far more competitive cars than RB do, so finishing in the points will be a challenge for Ricciardo and the team this season. But performance is still relative to the car one is driving.

How well the Australian drives throughout the rest of the season after a rough start will ultimately decide his fate for next season. He is well aware that he is at the tail end of his career, and this could be his last chance to reclaim the Red Bull seat for which he has been yearning.

Time will tell whether we see the "Honey Badger" and Max Verstappen reunite, and it would most definitely work out better than last time, considering where both drivers currently stand.