Formula 1: Ferrari looking to add major Red Bull engineer for 2025?

After adding Lewis Hamilton for the 2025 Formula 1 season, Ferrari look to be building a "super team". Who could be next to join the iconic team?

Fred Vasseur, Formula 1
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Ferrari shocked the Formula 1 world in early February by announcing the signing of Lewis Hamilton on a multi-year contract. The seven-time world champion is set to come in and partner Charles Leclerc to form one of the best one-two punches on the grid next season.

After the confirmation of Hamilton, it seems that Ferrari chairman John Elkann is attempting to make strides to build a "super team" to overthrow Red Bull's dominance of the last two-plus seasons. Adding Hamilton to partner Leclerc is just the first of many steps that we could see during the silly season that is to come.

Oftentimes when top drivers leave one team to go to another, they'll be accompanied by staff members from their previous team either because the driver specifically asks trusted colleagues to join them or because the staff members enjoy working with the driver. The new team is usually open to the idea of bringing in faces familiar to the new driver, as it could help them settle into the new environment.

After Hamilton signed with Ferrari, many started to question if he would bring long-time race engineer Peter "Bono" Bonnington with him. There has been nothing concrete relating to Bono following Hamilton from Mercedes, although it would not be a surprise if he does.

Adding Bono as Hamilton's race engineer would no doubt be a big step in helping Ferrari dethrone Red Bull at the top, but Ferrari have their eyes on a massive Red Bull employee who could absolutely shock the Formula 1 world if he makes the switch.

Ferrari looking to add major Red Bull engineer for the 2025 season

Red Bull could be in a bit of a toxic situation right now when it comes to the reported behind-the-scenes troubles, and this could result in significant members of the team opting to depart over the offseason. With all that has been going on at Red Bull, it has led Ferrari to reportedly probe engineer Adrian Newey's availability to join the team in 2025.

Newey was the mastermind behind the development of the dominant RB19 of last season and the even faster RB20 of this season. His grasp of the modern-day Formula 1 car is unmatched, and his concepts continue to elude many teams on the grid. He has an understanding like no one else and is without a doubt one of the most valuable pieces at Red Bull -- or any team he has been a part of.

Formula 1 driver lineup overhaul expected for the 2025 season. dark. Next. Formula 1 driver lineup overhaul expected for the 2025 season

It remains to be seen how great Newey's desire is to leave Red Bull at the end of the season -- or if he even desires to leave at all. However, given the reports of tension within the team, a departure from Red Bull is not fully out of question, and a project like Ferrari could be appealing to the highly regarded engineer.