The Formula 1 legend who made a surprise appearance in a Christina Aguilera song

The 20 drivers on the Formula 1 grid are very talented individuals, but some of them have hidden talents that only a small group of people know about.
Lewis Hamilton, Formula 1
Lewis Hamilton, Formula 1 / Marco Canoniero/GettyImages

One of them is seven-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton, who happens to be quite the musician. The rapper goes by the stage name XNDA and has only one song to his name. In 2018, the British driver featured in one of Christina Aguilera’s songs, “Pipe”.

Not many people know about Hamilton’s musical abilities, as the 39-year-old only confirmed that he is XNDA nearly two years after the song was released. Additionally, there is hope for Hamilton to make more music in the future.

Though Hamilton only had a couple of lines in Aguilera’s song, it was quite a good performance.

As a Formula 1 fan who just recently discovered the song, I can say that the 39-year-old has a good voice and sounded much better than expected. If anything, my belief is that Hamilton can genuinely have a career in music after his racing days conclude.

What could happen for XNDA in the future?

Hamilton supposedly recorded lots of music during the pandemic with the help of a friend, so nobody knows when he will decide to release more.

Aside from that, his future Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc also happens to be a musician himself.

We could be getting a duo in Formula 1 that is talented on the track as well as away from the circuit. Though a Formula 1 season is very busy and not much free time is available to make music, perhaps Hamilton and Leclerc will release some music for the world to hear over the next couple of years.

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Given how well Hamilton sounds, more prominent artists around the world could reach out to him to feature on some of their songs. Three decades from now, he could become better known for the music he produced, rather than his rich history as a Formula 1 driver. While a potential future for him in music remains speculation, the world would like to hear more of Hamilton’s voice.