Formula 1 mock draft: How the grid might look if teams drafted drivers

What if Formula 1 operated an NFL-style draft system? Who would the teams select, and how would the season pan out?
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11. Haas: Alex Albon

We head into the second round, where the teams are looking not just for pace, but for a good fit as they select their second drivers to round out their lineups.

For Haas, Alex Albon offers them arguably the fastest option on the board, as well as the perfect teammate for Max Verstappen. Albon is a fast but mature driver who knows how to look after his car and also be a good team player.

By picking Albon, Haas are investing in talent, and the 27-year-old would be a more than capable number two driver for the American-owned outfit.

12. Sauber: Pierre Gasly

Sometimes things are just meant to be. After growing up together and racing alongside each other as lifelong friends through their entire careers, Pierre Gasly and Charles Leclerc team up together in the Sauber garage as one of the most dynamic partnerships on this fantasy Formula 1 grid.

When he’s on, Gasly is lightning fast, and the prospect of racing alongside his old friend might just bring out the best in the Frenchman, who has shown flashes of brilliance but hasn’t found the consistency needed to move further up the grid.