Formula 1 mock draft: How the grid might look if teams drafted drivers

What if Formula 1 operated an NFL-style draft system? Who would the teams select, and how would the season pan out?
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15. Alpine: Valtteri Bottas

Alpine are very much a developing team in the Formula 1 paddock, and a developing team needs data in order to improve and progress. And with that in mind, their selection of Valtteri Bottas makes a ton of sense.

The former Mercedes man knows what’s involved in being a solid number two driver, and he has shown consistently throughout his career that he’s a cool, calm team player who can make a real difference to a team.

That’s exactly what Alpine need right now, and by pairing Bottas with Lando Norris, they have the best of both worlds – a young gun with an elite future ahead of him, and a seasoned veteran who has been there and won races at the top level. A very smart pick by the Enstone team.

16. Aston Martin: Lance Stroll

I mean, come on! We had to!

With Lance Stroll still on the board at No. 16, his father Lawrence pulls rank and demands that Lance is selected to stay with the team. But this is more than just nepotism at work – it’s actually the smartest pick available.

Lance is known to the team, is fully established, and is also more than capable of dragging race results out of the car. He can be a touch inconsistent at times, but when he’s on form, he’s capable of mixing it with the best of the rest in that mid-pack battle.