Formula 1 has a strange developing trend for winners not named Max Verstappen

In an era of Max Verstappen dominating Formula 1, there has been a rather odd trend with other drivers winning this season.
Lando Norris, McLaren, Carlos Sainz Jr., Ferrari, Formula 1
Lando Norris, McLaren, Carlos Sainz Jr., Ferrari, Formula 1 / Kym Illman/GettyImages

In the last calendar year, there have been only two Formula 1 race winners not named Max Verstappen. They are Ferrari's Carlos Sainz Jr. and McLaren's Lando Norris. Sainz won last season in Singapore and this season in Australia, while Norris earned his first career win more recently in Miami.

Focusing just on their wins from this season, the Spanish and British drivers have a rather odd commonality they share in regard to their wins.

However, it did not actually play a role in either of their wins.

What exactly did their wins have in common?

Both Sainz and Norris endured injury shortly before their wins. For Sainz, he departed midway through the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix weekend to have his appendix removed and did not compete in Jeddah.

Less than two weeks later, the 29-year-old flew to Australia and not only was able to drive, but he claimed his third career victory in Formula 1.

According to F1Briefings, Sainz shared what it may have felt like driving during the weekend.

"“I feel like it’s exactly what Alex told me before jumping in the car. He said when he got his appendix removed, just with the G-force, everything on the inside just feels like it’s moving more than normal. You need some confidence to brace the core and the body as you used to do before, but you get used to it.”"

Carlos Sainz Jr.

As for Lando Norris, a photo went viral showing his face wrapped in bandages during the off week between the Chinese Grand Prix and Miami Grand Prix.

While partying with Martin Garrix in Amsterdam, the British driver supposedly cut himself on a piece of glass, which led to lots of bleeding.

According to PlanetF1, Garrix later detailed exactly what happened, which led to the belief that Norris may have to miss the Miami race.

"“There was a glass that was broken on the boat and we were partying all the time and he took a sip from the glass, and the upper part gave him a small cut on his nose. But because of where he cut himself, it was bleeding a lot. Everyone thought I broke his nose or something, which was not what happened.”"

Martin Garrix

Norris was comfortably able to take part in the Miami Grand Prix with no concerns over his health. The 24-year-old went on to claim his first career victory in Formula 1, beating out Max Verstappen by a little over seven seconds. Standing at the top of the podium just one week after being covered in blood was quite impressive.

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With Sainz and Norris sharing the odd commonality of being injured right before their race wins, one might wonder if this trend continues in 2024. Could we see another non-Verstappen race winner following an injury this season?