Formula 1: Surprise team targeting Adrian Newey for 2025?

The 2025 Formula 1 season could see a big shakeup on and off the grid, and Red Bull's top engineer is a hot commodity for a number of teams.
Adrian Newey, Formula 1
Adrian Newey, Formula 1 / Clive Mason/GettyImages

Ferrari turned the Formula 1 world upside down in early February by announcing that Lewis Hamilton would be joining the team in 2025, replacing Carlos Sainz Jr. as Charles Leclerc's new teammate going forward.

Ferrari are not the only team that are looking ahead to the future. A number of other teams will likely be reshaping their driver lineups in 2025, and we could even see some major moves when it comes to some of the big names off the race track.

One individual in particular whom some speculate could be tempted to make a switch away from his current team is lead Red Bull engineer Adrian Newey. Newey has been with Red Bull since 2005 and has been the brains behind the Red Bull dominance of the past few seasons. His grasp of the modern Formula 1 car is unmatched, as evidenced by the dominant RB19 of last season and the even faster RB20 of this year.

It has been speculated that after adding Hamilton, Ferrari could look to lure Newey away from Red Bull to head up their project in 2025 to try to dethrone Red Bull as the top team in Formula 1. Newey would undoubtedly prove to be a major asset for any team, which could lead to a bidding war for the engineer this summer between not only the top teams on the grid but some midfield teams as well.

Surprise team targeting Red Bull's Adrian Newey in 2025?

Red Bull have been reported to be in a bit of toxic situation away from the race track, which could tempt many leading figures to exit the team in the offseason. As a result, a number of teams have reportedly been gauging the availability of Newey, with Aston Martin team owner Lawrence Stroll being the latest figure said to have offered Newey a lucrative deal to leave Red Bull.

Aston Martin could well prove to be an interesting prospect for the highly sought after engineer. While they are not on the level of Red Bull or Ferrari, they do appear to have some serious ambition when it comes to putting up a fight with some of the big guns on the grid.

Aston Martin have an experienced driver in Fernando Alonso and could even potentially add someone such as Sainz in 2025. A driver partnership of that level could prove to be intriguing for Newey.

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All in all, it remains to be seen what Newey's future holds. He is still under contract with Red Bull for the foreseeable future, and the reaction to what has gone on behind the scenes remains nothing more than speculation. But given the number of other potentially promising projects in 2025, Newey leaving Red Bull may not come as much of a surprise.