Formula 1: United States getting a fourth Grand Prix?

Right after Formula 1 announced the Spanish Grand Prix's move to Madrid, reports emerged that a new race could be contested in Chicago.
Lewis Hamilton, Formula 1
Lewis Hamilton, Formula 1 / Eurasia Sport Images/GettyImages

After the United States increased the number of annual Formula 1 races it holds from one to three over the last couple of seasons with the introduction of the Miami Grand Prix and the Las Vegas Grand Prix, a fourth could soon be on the way.

Formula 1 has targeted the United States to grow awareness for the sport within the last decade, starting with the introduction of Formula 1: Drive to Survive on Netflix in 2019. Since then, things have gone as hoped, with many new fans having been drawn to the sport.

Formula 1 would like to keep that upward trend going, and Chicago has been targeted as the next location for a new Grand Prix. Things are still in the preliminary stages, as the sport has only just begun filing for the appropriate trademarks, including “Formula 1 Grand Prix of Chicago”, “Grand Prix of Chicago”, “Chicago Grand Prix”, and “Formula 1 Chicago Grand Prix".

What does the reality of the Chicago Grand Prix look like?

This development emerges after NASCAR held a street race in Chicago last July, which was seen as quite a success. This race put the blueprint out there for Formula 1 to take advantage.

There is a good possibility that there could be some backlash if Formula 1 goes to Chicago, as the United States would be getting yet another race while other countries are simply hoping for the opportunity to have one. However, the potential to maximize the economic profits is something Formula 1 will surely assess.

One key thing to note is that just because these trademarks were filed does not guarantee that a Formula 1 race will be held in Chicago. That was simply the absolute first step in a very long process.

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Considering there are set to be 24 races this season, something that has never been seen before in Formula 1, it is not likely that the schedule will be expanded to 25 any time soon. But if a race or two happen to get dropped from the calendar in the future, we could see the Chicago Grand Prix become a reality.