NASCAR: 3 possible replacements for Harrison Burton in 2025

Harrison Burton may be facing a major change in his NASCAR career, as it has been rumored that he will leave Wood Brothers Racing after the 2024 season.
Harrison Burton, Wood Brothers Racing, Ryan Preece, Stewart-Haas Racing, NASCAR
Harrison Burton, Wood Brothers Racing, Ryan Preece, Stewart-Haas Racing, NASCAR / Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages
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Harrison Burton's NASCAR Cup Series career may be set for a major change in 2025, with Wood Brothers Racing reportedly looking to move on from the 23-year-old after the 2024 season, leaving him in search of a new ride.

Burton replaced Matt DiBenedetto behind the wheel of the No. 21 Ford in 2022. DiBenedetto qualified for the playoffs in 2020, and despite not making the playoffs in 2021, he was able to make the ride competitive. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Burton, who has just three top 10 finishes since July 2022 and has not placed higher than 27th in the point standings.

With so many teams set to make changes to their driver lineups after the 2024 season, there could be an abundance of drivers in the Ford camp who are more attractive options to the Wood Brothers than Burton.

Burton's contract is up after the end of the 2024 season, and his performance has not been what the team are looking for. With a mutual parting perhaps best for both parties, here are three possible replacements for the Huntersville, North Carolina native in 2025.

No. 1 - Ryan Preece

Ryan Preece may be the most tossed around name right now when it comes to finding a new home in 2025. Preece currently drives the No. 41 Ford for Stewart-Haas Racing, but Stewart-Haas Racing will be shutting down after the 2024 season.

While Preece may not be the most electrifying name for Wood Brothers Racing to pursue, he could serve as a solid veteran capable of getting the job done.

The Berlin, Connecticut native hasn't exactly lit the world on fire throughout his Cup Series career, and he currently sits in last place among Stewart-Haas Racing's four drivers in the point standings, but he was able to finish in 23rd place in the standings last season in what was a down year for Stewart-Haas Racing, which is better than Burton has been able to achieve in the No. 21 Ford.

While the 2025 season could end up being a stop-gap year for both Preece and Wood Brothers Racing, it may be worth a shot, given where both sides find themselves this season.