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NASCAR Fans Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves

NASCAR fans should be ashamed of themselves!

Actually no, let me rephrase that thought. What I meant to say is that some NASCAR fans should be ashamed of themselves. The percentage of fans that fall into this category is most likely the minority (or at least I hope that is the case) however often times in life the few that scream the loudest in a group often give the entire group a bad name.

This past Sunday in Michigan Jimmie Johnson won the Quicken Loans 400 thus giving him his third win of 2014. The Michigan victory also happens to be his third win in the last four races. After Johnson’s win Twitter and other social media outlets blew up as they usually do following a NASCAR race. Johnson fans obviously rejoiced while non-Johnson fans complained and called out NASCAR for cheating and so on.

While I do feel the fans out there that accuse NASCAR of cheating and giving Johnson and the No. 48 team wins are complete idiots; they are entitled to their own opinions and beliefs. While I may not agree with their opinions, there is nothing wrong with tossing your beliefs out there assuming that you can back them up.

Then there are the other fans, the fans that I feel there isn’t any spot for in NASCAR or any other sport for that matter. These are the fans that take to social media and other platforms and call for injuries to other drivers. Following Sunday’s race there were many tweets on Twitter that called for Johnson’s plane to crash on the way to Sonoma or on the way back to the shop in Charlotte. There were even more people openly calling for their driver (or another driver they don’t care for) to do the “right” thing and put Johnson into the wall next race. Now although I am using Johnson as the primary example, this kind of behavior isn’t exclusive to the driver of the No. 48 machine.

In fact, these kinds of comments can be seen directed towards the likes of Kyle Busch, Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Danica Patrick, Kevin Harvick, Matt Kenseth and many other drivers in the series. This behavior is also much bigger than just NASCAR as it can be seen across the sporting world.

Most recently it was seen in the NBA Finals where the San Antonio Spurs just defeated the Miami Heat. As the series between these two teams progressed there were a slew of Heat fans that were calling for Heat players to try to injure Spurs players to keep them off of the court. The same kinds of actions can be seen in the NFL, MLB and NHL. It seems that every sport has a pocket of fans that support athletes getting injured to some extent.

Shifting back to the world of NASCAR; it takes a special kind of person to openly wish that a driver get into a plane crash, doesn’t it?

At the end of the day fans have the right to root for and against whoever they want. That right is one of the things that make sports, especially NASCAR great. However, any fan that would openly wish for a driver to be injured (or possibly worse) needs to reevaluate some things within their own lives. Feel free to hate a driver, to wish a driver finishes dead last, to do everything in your power to discredit anything a driver accomplishes or to boycott the sport because of a driver.

But when it comes to wishing bodily harm onto another human being simply because they drive a racecar better than they person that you root for? Then as though that wasn’t bad enough, certain folks to take it a step further and put those thoughts in the realm of social media for the world to see? To all of those people out there, for all of those “fans” out there, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

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  • Joe Branham

    I don’t agree with those fans BUT if say david Reagan where leading there would have been a debry caution

    • jon

      Why do you say that? Do you really think Nascar wants to see Jimmie keep dominating, thus losing viewership and ticket sales because of disgruntled fans? Your logic makes zero sense.

  • Doug B.

    I agree with this post except for the last paragraph. Jimmie Johnson does not necessarily drive a car better than the other drivers. There’s much more involved than a good driver.

    • James W.

      jimmie is just THAT DAMN GOOD

    • http://wizbangblog.com/ Baron Von Ottomatic

      He’s so good NASCAR changed the rules to try and slow Jimmie’s march to ten championships. Hope he hoists #7 this year just to stick a thumb in their eye.

      • Don Falloon

        I’d say that a number of the rules changes (continually expanding the chase parameters, for one) have taken place not to slow JJ, but to advance Earnhardt, Jr. Not taking anything away from him personally, but he’s clearly NASCAR’s Money Boy. Johnson winning another championship would be rather anti-climatic, but Junior hoisting a trophy would send the media and fans into a frenzy.

  • Richard Clark

    I think someone is taking the fans comments to serious that’s the great thing about Nascar .you have thousands of fan saying stupid things about the other guys favorite driver and nobody takes it to heart and gets mad leave the fans alone and lighten up a little

  • Rusty Shackelford

    There have ALWAYS been sports fans like this, it’s just that the presence of social media exacerbates it because you can pull up Facebook or Twitter and within minutes post whatever you want. In the past, Joe Sixpack had to wait on hold with the local rock n’ jock station to rant to anybody other than his wife after the game. I say don’t worry about these people, in fact, thank them. They’re hanging a sign on them that tells us they’re not worth our time. The stupid will always be with us. Don’t get caught up in what they say.

  • Jackie

    I was listening to driver in-car and as early as 8 laps to the finish the comment was that people were screaming about debris on the track but no caution was being called. I guess if it was Chad or Jimmie complaining about debris, then there would have been a caution.

    • James W.

      you dont know that. stop assuming things

      • Daniel Curtis

        It’s called listening to the in car radios smh.

  • Rob Sykes

    not a fan of JJ..but i wish him no ill will at anytime….just wish nascar did things inna straightforward manner..they always call debris cautions for even a tiny wrapper..yet didnt this time..now..it might be all conspiracy theory weirdo crap to think nascar is in hendricks pockets..BUT..sometimes they do stuff like this..that makes em look like they are..they themselves create this hysteria with sloppy policing of the race o.O

    • James W.

      nascar has spotters all around the track and when someone says there is debris the spotter looks for it to see what it is. from there its NASCAR’s decision to call for a caution. if its paper, obviously they probably arent going to call a caution for that

      • Daniel Curtis

        They’ve done so in the past so they could now.

  • Richard Gould

    I have driven race cars and know how tough it can be. How about these idiots getting in any race car and let a professional driver give them a few hot laps at oh say 180 plus. That will shut them up real quick

  • http://www.gofastphotos.zenfolio.com Mike Horne

    Really!! I don’t see a newsworthy story here.. This has been goin on since the beginning of NASCAR. Get over it people. Thats how it works..

  • Bryan Stewart

    Jimmy should give up racing and. Enter the hall of nascar fame next year.

  • Bryan Stewart

    Maybe I will one day

  • Phyllis Strickland Hamilton

    There is a difference in wishing another driver would have a flat or hit the wall and wishing their plane would crash.I am a race nut but when I wish the driver in front;would blow an engine,,I always say without anyone getting hurt and most fans I know are the same way.We don’t want anyone hurt,we just want their cars to slow down.If you think fans can sit there calmly,you don’t know race fans.

  • Ian Alumbaugh

    Kudos to this article. Often times I feel people take sports way out of perspective and forget the two main things. 1) It’s just a game/race. 2) These individuals are doing this for a living. We all have been in the workplace and been criticized and it frustrates the crap out of me (back when I worked retail) that customers (fans) tell me how to do my job with stock and etc. I’ll admit I’ve caught myself (and I’m sure we’re all guilty) saying “man I wish ___ would crash”. But I’ve never said, I hope they wreck and suffer bodily harm. Bottom line is the best thing we can do as fans is be respectful and fully understand what we’re saying before we say it. I don’t like Brad Keslowski. But I gotta give him credit for his 2012 run although he beat my driver at Richmond. I don’t like how Kyle Busch wines all the time, but he’s a good driver. And the list goes on and on. People need to be human beings and realize we’re talking about sports and fun. We’re not talking about criminals or terrorist. All of them are people who have done this their whole lives and deserve our respect for being at the pinnacle of the sport.

  • Patti Barrett

    Mr. Olmstead, thank you for this article. As a diehard #48 Jimmie Johnson fan, I read these disgusting posts every week. One guy, in particular, wishes brain damage on JJ. Some fans are just plain sick in the head wishing permanent injuries or death to drivers

    • 48fan4life

      Some people are just plain sick…for example when Chandra’s brother died in a horrible accident these sicko’s said he deserved it…who deserves to die like that…and then to rub it in Jimmie Johnson’s face…the man was mourning the loss of a family member & still raced his heart out…because it’s his job…and he’s good at it…I wish there was some way to silence the haters. JJ Fan for life!!

      • Patti Barrett

        The guy who wishes Jimmie gets brain damage is Christopher Z. Block-head. He posts the most horrible things about Jimmie….and all because Jimmie is so good at what he does. Sure wish people would THINK before they post. Thanks for understanding, 48fan4life. GO JIMMIE!

  • Ryan O’Hara

    There has always been fans like this. You really put yourself in a bad situation with this article. The article is not bad by any means, but giving idiots attention will only cause more idiots to join the circus. It is like trying to reason with the Westboro Baptist Church.

    However, there was debris on the race track from Dillon’s issue. The caution was thrown earlier in the race when there was no debris. NASCAR did not when there was. That is the issue and it’s the inconsistency we talk about all the time. NASCAR is still working on it.

  • me6661973

    Same type that hated on players like Lebrone can’t stand see people doing well because they are jealous. Jeff Gordon had go through this to still does. Its big shame not fans they are crybaby haters.

  • Danathar

    You don’t see that in OTHER forms of motorsports, only NASCAR.

    Sports car racing has some bumping going on, but I’ve not seen anybody or fans call for one driver to crash out another.

    Trying to wreck another open wheel car with yours might end up KILLING YOU, so those drivers tend to have more respect for one another, especially on ovals.

  • James W.

    i agree its utterly disgusting. and while i cant stand a certain driver, team or player. wishing someone injury or death is just stupid. these people are making a living and suppporting their family by playing these games or driving these cars


    Mr.Olmstead… While I can agree with you about fans wishing drivers harm…My theory is fan a so used to seeing a car hit a wall at 180 MPH and them getting out,hand waving in the air that people are just used to that being the rule instead of the exception like in the old days…. A driver can still get seriously hurt… It’s just less likely today.

    As far as your comments about Mr.Johnson….If you can seriously believe that one team can dominate when the competition so tough today (win 3 out of 4 races- 6 championships in 7 years) is like asking people to believe in the easter bunny,santa claus… I’m not going to beat a dead horse by pointing out all the times nascar has helped JJ win (there are things I’m sure none of us even know about) to make him the new “legend” along the names of Petty,Yarborough and Earnhardt.. Lots of nascar fans are not buying it….. And if that makes us “idiots” then you must not now what a race fan is….The believe what they see,not just read from a nascar cheerleader….SMH

  • Bryan Andrew O’connor

    WHY is it bad to hate a CHEATER winning a race, of his 6 championships he has been caught with illegal car modification, I.E. cheating at least 1 time in 4 of those years, and don’t give me that “well the guy who put the manifold on put the wrong one on, listen your CAN’T preach this is “Team Sport” and then say well it was one person, a team is a team, he as the driver of said car is just as responsible for what happens as a head football coach is if one of the boosters is paying the middle linebacker $3,000 a week for mowing his lawn, cheating is cheating and if 1 person on a “Team” is a cheater the entire team are cheaters.

    • Mary Anders

      Ur a dumbass.

  • chief. rain in the puss