NASCAR: New Information About Carl Edwards Going To JGR


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UPDATE #1 – It is now being reported via that Carl Edwards and Joe Gibbs Racing have reached a deal to add Edwards to their stable of drivers beginning in 2015. The report doesn’t comment on whether M&M’s will be the sponsor as speculated nor does it state when an official announcement is expected.

UPDATE #2 – New reports have surfaced about Carl Edwards rumored move to Joe Gibbs Racing in 2015. The first report which is from the Associated Press talks about a clause that is in Edwards current contract with Roush Fenway Racing. This clause prevents Edwards from discussing his plans for 2015 publicly until September. There was a similar clause in the contract of Matt Kenseth when he left Roush. The second piece of news is in regards to Edwards getting the M&M’s sponsorship if he does go to JGR. According to a source at JGR, if Edwards were to come over in 2015 he wouldn’t be taking over the M&M’s sponsorship. The source states that  “Kyle is M&Ms guy and it is going to stay that way.” This source reported this information to Godfather Motorsports.

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It’s another day so that means that there is another rumor as to where Carl Edwards might end up in 2015. While nothing is confirmed about Edwards future past 2015, today’s news while still speculation seems to be hinting at a major move for the current Roush Fenway driver.

According to a recent article on, it would seem that Joe Gibbs Racing is once again a prime landing spot for Edwards. According to the article Gibbs and company have been recruiting in the garage area for a fourth team for a few weeks now. The article goes onto talk about if Edwards does indeed slide over to JGR he would take on M&M’s as a sponsor. If this scenario were to go down Kyle Busch would of course be without a primary sponsor. The article then speculates that Monster (who has supported Busch for a long time, especially in the Nationwide Series) would step up and become a primary sponsor.

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The most important thing to remember here is that all of this is speculation. While these rumors must be coming from somewhere, neither Edwards or Gibbs have commented or confirmed anything in regards to 2015. It’s also worth noting that not commenting is a lot different than making a statement saying that you’re “not interested,” which is what Team Penske did in regards to Edwards last week.

The final interesting note in this situation is the current relationship that Edwards has with Subway. It isn’t known whether or not Subway wants to continue their relationship with Edwards in 2015. Assuming that they do (and even if they don’t) it might be somewhat of a conflict in interest for Edwards to have M&M’s as a sponsor. Subway aside, Edwards himself is somewhat of a health nut and has said in the past that tends to have sponsors of products he uses himself. Would such an advocate of a healthy lifestyle sign onto a deal with M&M’s? While not a major point of question, it’s still worth mentioning.

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