NASCAR: Quaker State 400 LIVE Race Updates


Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight Beyond The Flag will be providing readers with LIVE updates of the Quaker State 400 from Kentucky. The updates will begin once the green flag drops tonight.

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With only 10 races left before the chase, time is running out for drivers to win and earn a spot in the chase. Drivers like Tony Stewart, Matt Kenseth, Kasey Kahne and Clint Bowyer are still seeking their first wins of 2014. On the other side of the coin drivers who already have wins are chasing more as they try to catch up to Jimmie Johnson who leads the series with three wins thus far.

Be sure to keep refreshing this feed for the LIVE updates from the race tonight.

Pre-Race Coverage – Lots of spotlight on Clint Bowyer and the No. 15 car during pre-race festivities.

Pre-Race Coverage – Damn, that little kid can REALLY sing!!


Feel free to comment below and tell us who you think is going to win before the start of the race tonight! Also, don’t forget to take a look at who the BTF staff think are going to win the race tonight.

Tony Stewart will start at the rear of the field.

Lap 1 – Brad Keselowski leads lap 1 as Jeff Gordon slides up the track.

Lap 5 – Keselowski continues to lead.

Lap 7 – Kenseth has dropped a few spots since the green flag, Jimmie Johnson is up to 22nd and JR is up to 26th.

Lap 9 – Kasey Kahne looks strong early, already up five spots.

Lap 15 – Keselowski has led every lap, Stewart is inside of the top-25.

Lap 20 – Matt Kenseth is back up to 14th and Brian Vickers has fallen outside of the top-20.

Lap 24 – Running Order: 2, 22, 11, 4, 24, 42, 10, 1, 31 and 27.

Lap 25 – Gordon passed Harvick for fourth.

Lap 28 – Competition Caution is coming, Keselowski has a 4.5 second lead

Lap 29 – CAUTION! Hamlin into the wall while running in the 3rd position. Hamlin looks to be injured as he is walking very gingerly with a little limp.

Lap 31 – Race off of pit road: 2, 22, 24, 4, 31, 27, 15, 5, 20 and 88!

Lap 31 – There are 34 cars on the lead lap, Kyle Larson came out of the pits in the 19th position after coming in running inside of the top-10.

Lap 32 – TNT’s TV audio is freaking out and repeating itself … FOX never did this, just saying.


Lap 35 – Keselowski powers to the front of the pack.

Lap 38 – Larson overshot his pit stall hence why he fell back. Ryan Newman is running strong in the top-five.

Lap 42 – Johnson is climbing through the field currently running in 13th.

Lap 45 – Running Order: 2, 4, 22, 24, 31, 5, 18, 27, 20 and 15.

Lap 49 – Tony Stewart is running 24th after starting 41st.

Lap 52 – Brad Keselowski has led all 52 laps thus far. Hamlin appears to be okay after a hard wreck.

Lap 55 – Jimmie Johnson is into the top-10 and Kyle Larson is still in 18th.

Lap 60 – Running Order: 2, 4, 22, 24 and 31.

Lap 64 – Four drivers in the top-10 have not won yet in 2014.

Lap 66 – There are currently 29 cars on the lead lap, Keselowski has led every lap thus far.

Lap 69 – Larson is around Danica Patrick for 17th and is closing in on McMurray for 16th.

Lap 72 – RFR is currently running 25th, 26th and 27th.

Lap 77 – CAUTION! Kyle Larson into the wall, a blown tire just like Hamlin.

Lap 78 – Joey Logano wins the race off of pit road.

Denny Hamlin and Kyle Larson both had right front tires blow after they began to move up on the track. Other drivers may now be hesitant to run the higher groove as tire wear is going to be a major concern.


Lap 84 – Logano and Keselowski battle for the lead!

Lap 87 – Logano to the lead over Keselowski!

Lap 91 – Running Order: 2, 22, 18, 5, 31, 88, 20, 24, 4 and 3!

Lap 93 – Harvick is running 9th and thinks he might have a loose wheel. This is after falling to 16th because of a slow stop. Harvick might punch every member of his pit crew in the face, just saying.

Lap 98 – Danica Patrick and Kurt Busch battling for 16th.

Lap 100 – Only 28 cars on the lead lap as Keselowski continues to mow people down.

Lap 104 – Busch is trying to chase down Logano for 2nd place.

Lap 109 – Running Order: 2, 22, 18, 5, 31, 20, 88, 24, 4 and 48.

Lap 110 – Tony Stewart is running 21st after starting 41st.

Lap 114 – Kyle Busch is on the back bumper of Logano for the 2nd position and Logano lets him go by.

Lap 118 – Johnson is up to 9th and Stewart is up to 19th.

Lap 121 – Kenseth has a tire go down, makes it to pit road with no damage. They were close to their pit stop window.

Matt Kenseth and the No. 20 team were about 12 laps away from pitting. Pitting early is better than ending up in the wall. Kenseth and company will not be off cycle and will hope to avoid an untimely caution.

Lap 126 – CAUTION! There is debris on the track and Kenseth will figure to take the wave around.

Lap 129 – 22, 31, 18, 2 and 88 are first off of pit road. Something happened with the No. 24 as Gordon is being shown in 23rd. Kenseth will restart in 26th. Stewart is up to 16th on the track.

Lap 130 – Almost halfway! Gordon and Kenseth with have to battle back.


Lap 133 – Logano flies to a huge lead on the field! Johnson falls back to 18th.

Lap 135 – Gordon is up to 20th after restarting 23rd.

Lap 138 – Running Order: 22, 2, 31, 18 and 4!

Lap 142 – Austin Dillon having a solid run inside of the top-10 in 10th place.

Lap 147 – Johnson is back up to 15th and Gordon is up to 16th. Kenseth is running in the 25th position, up only one spot since the restart.

Lap 150 – Brad Keselowski goes back to the lead!

Lap 153 – CAUTION! Alex Bowman, Jamie McMurray, Aric Almirola and possibly Kasey Kahne all suffer damage.

Lap 155 – Everyone in the top-10 takes two tires, Danica Patrick moves into the top-10 and Logano wins the race off of pit road.

Lap 157 – After issues just before halfway, Matt Kenseth is running 22nd and Jeff Gordon is running 18th.

Lap 160 – Running Order for restart is 22, 2, 18, 31, 4, 88, 3, 27, 15 and 10!


Lap 162 – Logano is leading and Keselowski is coming. Kenseth restarted at the tail end of the lead lap after speeding on pit road.

Lap 166 – Matt Kenseth up to 24th.

Lap 168 – Harvick is chasing down Kyle Busch the 4th position.

Lap 171 – Jeff Gordon is back into the top-15 after a pit issue earlier, he is in 15th. Kenseth is running 21st.

Lap 175 – Running Order: 2, 22, 31, 18, 4, 88, 3, 41, 48 and 15

Lap 176 – CAUTION!! Stremme slides up the track in front of the leaders, nobody else is involved.

Lap 178 – Keselowski and Logano stay out. Harvick and others come in. Lots of different tire strategy going on here.

Lap 180 – The top-9 cars on the track stayed out. Harvick in 10th was the first to pit.


Lap 185 – Logano leads Keselowski!

Lap 188 – Running Order: 2, 22, 31, 18, 88, 4, 24, 20, 47 and 15!

Lap 191 – Johnson has a mirror full of Paul Menard, its a battle for 16th!

Lap 193 – Earnhardt Jr. is coming for Kyle Busch and the 4th spot.

Lap 197 – Running Order: 2, 22, 31, 18, 88, 24, 4, 20, 47 and 14

Ryan Newman is keeping himself close to the front with the hopes of trying to get his first win of 2014. Keselowski and Logano are the class of the field tonight, it will be hard for another car to beat one of them. 67 laps to go in the race!

Lap 207 – Keselowski leads Logano by 1.5 seconds.

Lap 209 – The nine cars that stayed out on the last caution should all be hitting pit road withing the next five laps or so. It will be some tense moments as those drivers hope wverything cycles through.

Lap 213 – Drivers are beginning to hit pit road for green flag stops!

Lap 214 – CAUTION! Almirola blows a tire! Patrick, Earnhardt Jr. and Kyle Busch were on pit road.

Lap 215 – Leaders running on the apron as they are running low on gas. Caution is going to shake up the running order!

Lap 218 – When they go green running order looks to be; 18, 31, 88, 27, 20, 2, 24, 4, 14 and 22.

Newman, Menard and Kenseth will all be in the top-five and looking for their first wins of 2014!


Lap 220 – Jeff Gordon falls outside of the top-10 as Newman chases down Busch for the lead!

Lap 227 – Running Order: 18, 31, 2, 22, 4, 20, 88, 27, 24 and 41! 39 laps to go!

Lap 232 – Kyle Busch leads Keselowski by 1.9 seconds. Keselowski has plenty of time to chase down Busch!

Lap 237 – With 30 laps to go Busch leads Keselowski by 1.1 seconds. This looks to be Keselowski’s race to lose.

Lap 242 – The gap between Busch and Keselowski is about .800 seconds.

Lap 247 – With 20 laps to go Keselowski continues to close the gap. He is now half a second behind and it seems that Joey Logano is losing his engine.

Lap 249 – Keselowski to the lead with 18 laps to go!

Lap 252 – With 15 laps to go Keselowski is checking out on the field.

Lap 256 – Running Order: 2, 18, 31, 4, 20, 88, 24, 22, 5 and 41!

Checkered Flag – Keselowski wins!