Alex Bowman Details Confrontation With Danica Patrick


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Sunday in Phoenix didn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary for Alex Bowman. Coming off of a 43rd-place finish in Las Vegas there was literally nowhere to go but up for Bowman and his team in the 500. Following the race in which Bowman finished 30th, he was confronted in the garage area by an angry Danica Patrick. Patrick was upset with Bowman for the way in which he raced her on the track when Bowman apparently didn’t realize she was on the lead lap.

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This week on Sirius XM Radio, Bowman detailed the events of his encounter with Patrick and what they said to each other.

"Phoenix is one of the harder places to, I don’t want to call it staying out of the way, but to let someone go when you need to, so it’s unfortunate. She was really, really mad. I don’t know. I guess she feels like I completely ruined her day, and I guess it’s hard for me to see how I did that in four laps, but it is what it is and we’ll move on.She struggled to get by us, and a couple times, she just drove through the corner and drove in the side of us. I guess her car must’ve been free in, or she was struggling with whatever she was fighting. And it wasn’t until the next caution came out that Bono came on the radio and said, ‘Just so you know, we’re not racing that 10 car. She’s on the lead lap.’ I’m like, ‘Well, I wish I would’ve stopped a little more for her,’ but at the same time, if I would’ve just pulled over and stopped for her, I was going to lose the spot to the No. 34.Honestly, I stood there laughing, which probably made her a lot more mad in all honesty. I was just walking through the garage back to the coach lot, and she came up to me absolutely screaming at me, which whatever, she had a rough day, I get it. And I was trying to explain, hey, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were on the lead lap, and she said something that I’m the worst out there and I’m always in the way and I’m always a back-marker and blah blah blah.At that point, I was pretty insulted and I said something about what happened at Bristol last year when she was two or three laps down and I was on the lead lap, and she was holding me up, the field got checked up and I spun her out. She tried to wreck me for the rest of the night. So then she told me that I’m a punk and she was going to knee me in the cherries and whatnot, and I just laughed at her and let her walk away."

What is your take on the situation? Did Patrick overreact or was Bowman in the wrong for holding her up? Be sure to share your thoughts by commenting below. You can also share your thoughts by reaching out to us via social media.

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