Jeff Hammond Talks Conspiracies; Legit Or Just Talk?


Those who have been singing like songbirds and digging for dirt against NASCAR while wearing their tin foil hats finally have something to talk about. For years now some NASCAR fans have held strong convictions that NASCAR was fixed. The level onto which they felt this varied from the sport hand-picking winners to them simply throwing “phantom cautions” to make things more exciting. While the conspiracy talk has been around for awhile it has always just been talk.

Despite thousands of employees, hundreds of drivers and dozens of executives; nobody within NASCAR has ever given any indication that any of the fan speculation might be true. That is until Jeff Hammond did a video with Fox Sports on Thursday and discussed how he has lived through and been on the wrong side of a couple of NASCAR conspiracies.

The video which is from Fox Sports can be found below.

After watching the video most fans who have been waiting for this kind of thing for a long time now feel as though they were right and the sport is nothing more than a dirty cesspool ran by crooked executives and owners. To those fans I will say nothing because they felt the exact same way before the video and they would have felt the exact same way if the video had never existed.

To the rest of the fans I ask you whether or not you believe this was just talk or if there is actually more to it.

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First off, you have to keep in mind that Hammond works for Fox Spots and with NASCAR. Fox Sports obviously broadcasts NASCAR on various levels and Hammond is obviously an important part of those broadcasts and one of the analysts that’s most associated with the sport. So, bearing that in mind one would have to wonder whether or not FOX would allow him to “blow the whistle” on the sport as some fans are suggesting he has done.

Maybe, just maybe NASCAR and Fox Sports are capitalizing on the fact that the idea of conspiracies is a trending topic in the sport right now and the reason in which the video was mad goes no further than that. Maybe Fox Sports knew that putting together a quick piece like this with a NASCAR guy would be devoured by NASCAR fans who are more than hungry to find proof that the entire sport is rigged. Maybe, just maybe Hammond’s video on NASCAR conspiracies truly is nothing more than talk.

Or maybe it’s not.

In the end the same fans that watched and complained about Fontana will be there watching again this weekend in Martinsville. If it’s not a late caution that gets them worked up it will be a penalty on pit road or something along those lines. If one or two cars dominate, it will then be the talk that NASCAR is boring or that the dominant cars from the day cheated somehow. If Chase Elliott manages to win his first Sprint Cup race it will be because it’s rigged or Team Hendrick paid for the win or however they want to spin it.

The great thing about conspiracies and those who buy into them is that proof and facts aren’t needed. In fact, the less proof the better because it allows for the theory to grow even wilder. To think that some doctors believe that our imaginations disappear once we become adults. Be sure to drop a comment below and offer your take on the Hammond video and let us know which side of the conspiracy theory you fall on?

**Editors Note: Yes, it’s true that Richard Petty’s engine was too big on that day. It’s also true that NASCAR penalized him for it by docking him more than 100 points. Although he kept the win he was indeed punished.**

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