Kyle Busch Calls Out Brad Keselowski, Did He Lie?


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A month after Kyle Busch was involved in a wreck at Daytona that would result in a broken leg and a broken foot, Brad Keselowski wrote a blog. Keselowski writing a blog is nothing new as this is something that the driver of the No. 2 machine seems to do on almost a weekly basis. On March 18, 2015 Keselowski decided to use his blog to give readers an inside look at his relationship with Kyle Busch and some of the past issues that the two drivers have had with one another.

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In the blog Keselowski makes reference to the first interaction that he and Busch ever really had together. Kes talks about how he and Busch were competing against one another in the Truck Series in 2001 and Kes was just ahead of him in the points when he attempted to introduce himself at Indianapolis.

"I remember looking at him and being stone cold jealous. Still, I tried to tell myself to be the bigger person. It wasn’t easy. Finally, I walked over to him and said, “Hello.” He looked at me, gave me kind of a stare, and never said a word. So I walked away. It was one of the first times I’d ever tried to be bigger than my own jealousy and disappointment. Kyle had wound up feeding both, and he definitely didn’t know it. In fact, he probably doesn’t remember that exchange at all. But it actually affected me quite a bit. I wasn’t a mature 17 year-old, and I was still really struggling with my lack of success and opportunities. It was the first time I’d ever tried to put myself out there with another driver like that, and in my mind, I’d gotten burned.  That first experience with Kyle impacted a lot more than my interactions with him. It shaped the way I dealt with other drivers from that point forward. In some ways, it probably still does."

The one thing that Keselowski seems to be correct about is when he notes that Busch “probably doesn’t remember that exchange at all.” On Wednesday Busch met with the media for the first time to discuss his accident and his recovery progress. During the end of the interview Busch was asked about Keselowski’s blog and whether or not he had read it.

Busch acknowledged that he read it (sort of) and he also pointed out his concern for the accuracy of the events as described by Keselowski. Below is the video of Busch talking about the blog. If the video isn’t working you can click HERE.

So, did Keselowski lie in his blog or does Busch simply not remember the events of that day? It’s hard to lean one way or the other here because it wouldn’t make too much sense for Kes to fabricate a story about the first time that he and Busch met. Then again, he could have done it in an effort to make his blog look better or to get attention. As much as it doesn’t make sense for Kes to fabricate the exchange, it makes even less sense for Busch to lie about it. Busch was very forthcoming about their second exchange and pointed out that Keselowski’s description of that was pretty accurate. If Busch was going to own up to that he would have no reason not to own up to ignoring him when he tried to say hello.

So it all comes down to the fact that either Busch truly doesn’t recall the exchange or Keselowski lied about it. Which do you think is more likely? Be sure to comment below and let us know.

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