The NASCAR Universe Remembers Steve Byrnes


Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday NASCAR lost Steve Byrnes after he lost his battle with cancer at the age of 56.

Byrnes had been battling stage four cancer and while nowhere close to being out of the woods; many knew that he was a fighter and believed that this was a battle that he could win. The loss of Byrnes comes on the heels of NASCAR dedicating and renaming this past weekend’s race in Bristol after him. Although Byrnes was not at the race, some of his family was there on his behalf. The Byrnes family that was in attendance received a trophy and was honored at the end of the drivers meeting.

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Sunday night all 43 drivers raced with decals on their cars to represent Byrnes. On lap 250 of the race everyone stood up in support of Byrnes and in the face of the horrible thing that is cancer. In the latter part of the race the broadcast team shared a tweet from Byrnes that expressed his thoughts and thanks for everyone and their support. At the time it was impossible to know that he would be gone less than 48 hours later.

Below you will find the some of the social media reactions to the news of his passing beginning with the final tweet from Byrnes during the Bristol telecast. You will also find some tribute videos including what took place this weekend in Bristol. We here at Beyond The Flag send all of our thoughts and prayers to the Byrnes family and their friends.