NASCAR: 10 Observations After 1/4 Of The Season

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

When the checkered flag waved at Richmond this past weekend it brought to a close the ninth race of the 2015 NASCAR season. Now that NASCAR has officially hit it’s 1/4 mark it’s a good time to begin to take a look at where things stand. We are no longer just a few races into the season where you can say that it’s still too early to worry about certain things. At this point drivers and teams are beginning to understand what they have and what changes need to be made to improve for the rest of the season.

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In this article you will find 10 observations from the first 1/4 of the NASCAR season. Some teams are cruising along nine races into the year while other will hope to make some improvements before we hit the halfway point in another nine races.

If there are any observations that you have made that we do not mention please share them with us. You can reach out to us by commenting below or via social media.