Does Formula One Need To Change?


Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Do you remember them? The loud roaring engines of formula one. You certainly happened to need hearing protection as the cars whizzed by and the excitement continued.

By 2014, the ecological gremlins figured that if some of the formulas had hybrids, why not F1?

These people have to remember, that this is the top tier of motorsports, not the WEC (World Endurance Championship).

Although the WEC has it worked for them in sports cars, it certainly has not worked for F1. More complaints about the new hybrid cars have made sponsors not invest, and more classic tracks are abandoning the high price of fees that are offered to them, so putting it quite simply, formula one is going down a notch or in fact, a lot.

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I think that the fans should be involved in this, after all, they are the individuals that need to have their ticket prices lower, and more opportunities to see the drivers. Take this part from NASCAR. It is true that prices have to be used for the fans, and the tracks need to make money from it, but many are beginning to believe that quite a few things need to change in this sport, and they must do it soon. Keep in mind, this is a certain person’s view, so this is what needs to change:

The Caterham Law (And maybe even Manor) – Small teams are gone because nobody wants to help them. For example, Caterham could not find a sponsor after Tony Fernandes could not improve his car. You can’t improve it if you do not have any money. Look at Manor, it barely made it onto the grid, but it has two colors and no sponsors. This is not it—then you have three teams who are very low on the economic tank: Lotus, Force India and Sauber, with the former doing well, but nobody approached them for sponsorship. Is there a problem here? Wasn’t it in the past that performance made a difference and could get sponsors on a car? Looks like this is not happening. The solution: cost needs to be lower for teams to continue and the next step could make the difference.

Those boring engines- Costs can come down if the technology was not so out of reach with the costs. This is partially why the teams have no money. They have to pay a lot of money just to receive the customer version. They are not works teams with tons of money. I am not quite blaming Mercedes, because they came together with a great package and worked on it for years, but the quiet of the engine does not have any satisfaction and since it is a hybrid, it is quiet. A lot like the Toyota Prius. Something that is good for the consumer, but for the race fan? Solution: As the moral of this story: Keep costs down. Bernie Ecclestone has come along with the three options that can begin in 2017: You can make the replacements with V6 engines that can use KERS, this might just knock the hybrids and high cost technology out; Keep the current engines to supercharge them to 1,000 revs, which is probably a bad idea, because it will have to include more costs; or the best solution, return the V8’s to formula one.

This last part could make the engine manufactures in F1, Mercedes, Honda, Renault and Ferrari withdraw because they would lose the chance of having a low cost economical engine. But how low do you think these costs really are now?

And the last one- Limit the races down to 18- and return the classic tracks in Europe- Classic European tracks are dwindling, and newer circuits are in a place where fans might not want to go are emerging. If you take a look at the newer tracks, most of them are confined to a street circuit, not a regular one. Is this the future? Street tracks are good, but who wants everything to look like Monaco? Only Monaco is Monaco, and nothing can ever be like it. Certainly, Singapore has a great street track, but newer tracks should be made on regular circuits. This is what makes it great.

Unless formula one begins to improve, there might not be many fans, press, or sponsors covering this top form of motorsport and something great that we have had will be gone. It should be the fans that should be the judge of this, because they are paying the money and without them, they cannot have a show. So, the next big change will be in two years. It is time to get thinking about it, with the FOM and the FIA against the world.

Make it happen.