What We Learned From NASCAR In Kansas


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Each week the staff here at Beyond The Flag will offer up one thing that they learned from the previous week thanks to NASCAR. From week to week the things that NASCAR teaches us could cover a variety of subject matters.

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After each edition of “What We Learned From NASCAR” we would like to encourage all of our readers to share with us what they learned. You can share what you learned by reaching out to us on Facebook or Twitter. Moving forward we will take one or two of the best comments from our readers and we will include them in future editions of “What We Learned From NASCAR.”

This is what we here at BTF learned this past weekend:

Chris Olmstead

I learned that having SpongeBob SquarePants sponsor the race was a genius move by NASCAR. The race had a unique vibe to it which was the result of all of the SpongeBob stuff that was going on. The infield was cool, the walls were painted in a special way, the trophy was fun, the characters were there; it was just a special vibe. The other benefit here was that NASCAR got eyes on this race that might not have been there thanks to all of the promotion for the folks at Nickelodeon and the buzz of SpongeBob being the sponsor. I think it was a win for everyone across the board.

John Harlow

Air-Titan works well, track was dried fast! Tires don’t beat clean air on mile and a half, just ask Kevin Harvick about that. Brett Moffitt forgot that there is a brake pedal.

Claire Steen

Pit stop strategy in the last few dozen laps is crucial, especially if you choose wisely. If you don’t, then there is always next week, and lots of interviews to explain how you were racing for points and not wins.

Joseph Shelton

I learned that the Spongebob Squarepants sponsorship turned out quite nicely for NASCAR. From the excited younger fans to the SpongeBob-themed paint schemes to the unique SpongeBob trophy that was given to Jimmie Johnson in the Winner’s Circle, NASCAR definitely scored big here and I look forward to seeing what else NASCAR might try for the younger race fans.

Amy Marbach

I learned that even a top tier NASCAR team can let their hair down and have a little fun in victory lane! I may be in the minority but I rather enjoyed the silly SpongeBob selfies from victory lane.

Mike Hutton

Just like the NBA teams turning up this time of year, I learned that perhaps we’re only being led to believe the new rules package still produces the dreaded “aero push.” Witness Logano — he went to the back twice due to penalties and had no problem passing cars. Finished 5th and probably passed the entire field at least twice.

What The Fans Learned From NASCAR Last Week (Talladega)

Emma Moore (Salt Lake City)

I learned that the new rules package sucks because how in the world are there 43 cars running in a straight line at Talladega with two laps to go?!

James Hunter (Buffalo, NY) 

I learned that Jeff Gordon has not luck at Superspeedways in 2015. In both races he was running in or around the top-10 only to wreck on the final laps and finish outside of the top-30.

Be sure to check back with us next week to see what else we learned. Also, don’t forget to send us what it is that you learned this past weekend. Remember, if we like what you learned you could be featured in next week’s edition.

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