Five Changes NASCAR Needs To Make Right Now

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NASCAR simply isn’t what it used to be and there isn’t any denying that. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s NASCAR found its peak of success in the world of sports. Fast forward a decade and NASCAR is struggling. Attendance is down across the board and tracks are removing seating left and right it seems.

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With the change in the sport over the last decade, NASCAR has done its best (in their minds) to keep the sport relevant. NASCAR has done this by changing the format of the chase as well as a series of other changes in recent years. Despite the ever-changing nature of the sport, NASCAR has not been able to return to the success that they once had not so long ago.

While the current state of NASCAR might not be where it should be, we here at BTF believe that the sport is only a handful of changes away from being in a good spot once again.