Best “Waltripisms”: Sprint All-Star Race From Charlotte


Saturday night’s Sprint All-Star Race from Charlotte had the usual segmented format and race administration changes designed to enhance the excitement level of the event. While NASCAR again failed miserably to deliver anything that remotely captured the audience’s attention, FOX analysts Darrell and Michael Waltrip were not at a loss for words, delivering yet again their own brand of “Waltripisms.”  Recall (if you must) this week’s weak moments:

Number 5

How many times was Michael going to refer to the annoying Sprint commercial which uses the line, “Money doesn’t spend itself” during his grid walk?   If anything, I would hope that Verizon Wireless stores are a little busier today because of this annoyance.

Number 4

During driver introductions, Michael actually felt it necessary to tell everyone that A.J. Allmendinger’s astrological sign was Sagittarius? Sagittarians are described as independent, and ones who welcome change with open arms. Did Michael miss the news this week that A.J. signed a 5-year contract extension with JTG Daugherty Racing? Seems to me that A.J. plans to settle in for a while and change isn’t in his immediate plans.

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Number 3

Darrell Waltrip suggested (seemingly to their dismay) that FOX broadcasters Mike Joy and Larry McReynolds join him for his traditional “Boogity, boogity, boogity” chant as the field came to the green flag. What resulted sounded like a combination of a Talladega infield party and the Jerry Springer Show — on the same stage at the same time and with a bathtub full of Everclear and KoolAid as the beverage of choice.

Number 2

On Lap 10 of Segment 1, Darrell posed the question to his colleagues in the booth asking if Kasey Kahne’s strong march forward at that point could have been because of experience gained in the truck race on Friday night.

Ummm…. no. Kasey has won at Charlotte six times and has always performed well there. The truck race where he cheated to win had nothing to do with it.  Kudos to Larry Mac for quickly pointing this out.

Number 1

On Lap 20 of Segment 1, Darrell pondered if the fact that Jimmie Johnson had only improved his starting position by two spots up to that point meant that he was “struggling, just like he did at Atlanta and Kansas.”

Check the box score please, Mr. Waltrip. Jimmie won both Atlanta and Kansas.

Kidding and humor aside, I would like to recognize both FOX and Michael Waltrip for including the late Steve Byrnes’ son Bryson on the grid walk this week. It was awesome to see that young man smiling and having fun with all that he has endured the last few years during his dad’s illness, and especially recently with Steve’s passing. It is this writer’s hope that the NASCAR community will continue to support and involve him as much as he wishes.  Perhaps this will spark an interest in Bryson to consider a career in broadcasting in general and NASCAR in particular. That would be a fitting tribute to his dad’s legacy.

What do you think?  What other “Waltripisms” did you hear?  Discuss below!

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